[Voice of Jacques Frémont, President and Vice-Chancellor of uOttawa] Life’s fast pace can make it challenging
to maintain balance in life. As we head towards the end of the term, with
colder and shorter days, I want to remind you to pause and take time for yourself. I encourage all students, staff and faculty
to participate in the many Wellness Week activities. Why not … Get your body moving and participate in the
pedometer challenge while travelling between meetings and classes? Just a few thousand more to go today! You don’t need a special talent. The activities are designed to show you how
to take a moment for yourself, to pause and learn new things – No need to be an expert! Taking a break can be as simple as going to
one of the free massage therapy sessions offered during Wellness Week. Or taking a moment to pat one of the pet therapy
dogs. So, when you’re working hard, remember to
pause and take a break, enjoy the beauty of our campus — and choose healthy habits. We want all members of our community to pause
and remember to take care of themselves and others. While getting involved in Wellness Week, check
out the first phase of the new mental health and wellness website for support, ideas and
events to learn to take care of yourself and colleagues and stay healthy throughout
the year. I hope to see you at one of the events! [Wellness Week, November 21 to November 25, Take a break! More than 50 activities for students and staff, uOttawa.ca/wellness, #uoPause #uOttaWOW] [uOttawa logo, uOttawa.ca/wellness]