Welcome to Swiis! My name is Amy and I’m team leader for Swiis Health Care in Bristol You may have seen our adverts
recently on Facebook or heard of us through a friend. Swiis are quickly becoming the
agency of choice in the South West for the exceptional opportunities and the
great rates of pay that we offer our staff. Let me tell you about the quick
and easy registration process and the unrivaled benefits you’ll receive if you
join Swiis health and social care. At Swiis we offer the highest contracted
rates of pay, free DBS and uniforms occupational health vaccinations if
they’re needed, clinical and mandatory training, revalidation support,
refer-a-friend payment of 300 pounds for each nurse you refer, plus vouchers when
they attend the interview. If you’ve seen one of our facebook videos or adverts
and want to receive more information or wish to start the registration process
we will ensure that your registration is quick and easy. You only need to click on
the apply button, fill out the form and we’ll contact you in the same or next
working day. You could also bring us on the number on the screen to speak to one
of our friendly health care team directly. Once you have made contact with us a member of the team of contact you so that you can ask any questions you
may have and ask about the exceptional benefits we can offer you