when sweaty buddy asked me to do the get fit for free campaign I was really honored they feel like it really goes hand in hand with my brand which is about empowering women you know exercise I believe should not be a privilege so with this you can do it at home you can do it anywhere you don't need a gym membership you don't need much equipment so there really is no excuse some people may see non everything listed as a celebrity trainer and so I think you know what workout I'm giving to a celebrity is going to be absolutely no different to what I'm gonna give right now at home and that's why for me this is my chance to give back hi I'm Simone de LaRue creator of body by Stallone and joining me today on like two top trainers Alice and Presley I specifically created a workout for sweaty bedding and the get fit for free campaign today we're going to take you through a full-body workout which features our warm up arms cardio abs lower body and preserve don't forget to wear correct Footwear and to hydrate and we hope you have lots of fun doing it best of luck 5 five six seven and Busan reach up and sew it inside and ducks and punch it up double and ribs up and again tap the feet we go i won again little bed please one now we take the UM one I like see this and those are and apart this week we fill one other side let's try it six four three two lead yeah slap backstretch roll up slowly let's do the last one in yeah yeah that's that warm-up down five six seven let's skip it up okay are you ready to learn the dance cardio routine I'm gonna teach it to you we're gonna break it down just one take keep boxing and you'll see why very soon we're going to start off five six seven three three four three two on the side punch it out for now for two – other side now one go let's try that again we go for jump in and out with your feet on the side punch it out nice and strong too now for one good excellent we're going on we kick your leg four three two go round four three two do it again four three let's see I'm a sign to come one kick the leg and kick and drop and drop kick and drop turn the bummer time punch forward and shape punch back do that again right shake the leg shake going on punching bag for sweet kick the leg other side right back to mumble rush forward number punch back let you die please kick the leg other side heart rate kick the leg so we're going on we're gonna do the skips from painting right a little jump rope and jump it two more times and that's it now oh hey beside fit to go one leg three turn it around three get ready to Mambo rhumba more punch more word rumble again punch back punching bag for to the leg two three other side jump rope no.1 3.5 – wrong time guess on we can do it all again last time 3 don't forget to breathe I'm getting tired if you want to I decide to come on kick back and drop it get ready to roll man download push forward g2 kick the leg click either side we're on the homestretch don't forget to breathe deep breath here I stretch out this club good I hope your heart rate is up now maybe you can do that as many times as you like over and over again that's the first part of our dance cardio let's get ready for arms all right now for our upper body if you have these at home you can use 1.5 kilos or otherwise they're about equivalent to 4 pounds if you don't have these at home you can use a can of baked beans or a bottle of water all right so should we try it we're gonna we're at each one a big one at a time five six seven and full range see those biceps Romo and pull up sideshows down good net bottom ranch we go pop and drop half and drop navel to spine good now on top ha stop stud keep going good now turn the palms up full range all the way up and down shoulders down neck relaxed good bottom half it goes down and stop down and stop top range and squeeze squeeze squeeze full range all the way our pendants keep going us to eat more we go eat how's it biceps feel a good fat easy pants squeeze good now let's open them up to the side we go and we go down full range color biceps decide to feel mine and squeeze for more don't forget choose your breath this is big fun with a can of baked beans right down and up halfway and stop down and stop good from the top and here good full range all the way down make sure you're pulling in that core nice and tight keep going to eight one eight seven me let's go feet together we're going to try some extension we extend out and good relax that neck make sure you bring that belly button towards your spine navel to spine you an extended top of your range extent rise extension keep going with two eight one oh well Thanks six seven go drink our two little pulses we do and extend left hand side on per minute so you can see me bend extend oh yeah and bend extend good now we're gonna post them up we go good idea little pulses navel just fine relax and breathe sweet good keep going now let's bring them above over our heads we go down up down up down good hum you can slide on so you can see up and double time we go and pulse and pulse oh yes we should be actually tense spinach right Popeye and push post post post now if it through overhead press we go down squeeze yeah good make sure you can see your feet hips so don't take them too far behind your head push down and up down and up good let's keep going children use your breath let's say that you do not hold in here when you chest squeeze together in your elbows together as we squeeze for chest we go eight seven six five four three two and one bring Youngstown let's lift shoulders abside two to seven lateral lift we go and fly up and squeeze to slightly bend those elbows and we look like a coat hanger slightly Bend and good let's try it all again relax the shoulders 2 3 4 plumber the last thing we're going for fly make them pretty up and squeeze 2 3 4 4 molar on my son 4 and 3 and shoot last one God relax roll the shoulders excellent work if you need more of an arm workout you can repeat that all over again if not we're going to move on to our cardio all right are you ready to learn our second dance cardio routine routine say yes at home alright let's start with jumping in and out first and I'm going to teach it to you like we did before a five six seven and one keep going alright ready a 5 6 5 6 7 and B 2 3 swap other side knee to now like a soccer ball you're going to touch your and cruelty free swap sides good let's try that we talk again and 4 3 2 other side 1 3 soccer ball cap oh – get from the top and side side to side we going on in a fishbowl Oh 0:05 keep going and that's it so now we have to do it right through oh yeah from the top no stop dr. breezy lady touch your heel and flop put it out either side you send her up and forward side to side on do it again reaching forward aside to Street and swap now 8 side and touch misfit ow and Yogi Bear those who get to breed jumping jack jinx and forward side to side nearly there every I guess I use those hips stop stop stop do the side another five let's get back alright that's cutting number twos well done let's stretch out those carbs really sweating it's not a wind machine up being sprayed on through sweat people all right now are you ready for some roller body I'm going to get out of a yoga mat how many for lower body alright now we're going to focus on our lower body so if you have a yoga mat at home that now's the time to get it out if you don't you can use a towel a rug or you can even do it on your carpet so we're going to face slide on so you can see exactly what the moves are you know make sure this is focusing on your hamstring and your glute and also your core so you're going to keep your wrists underneath your shoulders as we come into tabletop position and your knee underneath your hips now make sure that your core and your belly button is pulled up so your navel is going toward your spine so not in a hunch position we're nice and neutral spine gonna relax the net you're going to take your gaze a few inches away from your fingertips we reduce this to 3 cents I'm going to do it in rack reps of eight so I'm going to follow a lot to me ready five six seven we kick one three four five six parallel and point eight seven over there we tap to the floor we tap it down and lift down and lift firing from your glutes as you lift your leg down and lift down and lift good hold it there flex support we do hamstring curl extend hamstring curl contend for more make sure it's parallel good now we're going to channel Jane Fonda's it hope to the ceiling lift that heel to the ceiling pulse it up keep going to the ceiling squeeze your glutes now we go for round two in extend in extend bring that knee towards your navel don't hurt your back tap it to the floor we go down and lift down slightly bend those elbows and a tube about now you should start to feel the burn four more and four three two lift the heels to the ceiling pulse it up make sure you keep it parallel sometimes it wants to keep and externally rotate keep going push it out ow my butt is on fire keep going and last that we go in kick it back in pointed and parallel nice and extended stretch to boy to the end of the toe we've tap into the flow we go down squeezes three so is there a people in the other gluts as well that's normal mind the fire is yours – crazy fire we do have some cows we go on one test two three so pull the belly in and five six seven holes through the steering let's go let's go and feed and squeeze and please we hold it up keep going squeeze squeeze squeeze back into Child's Pose you know the joy is we have to do it all the other side correct are you ready ladies shall we turn around calm down wrists underneath shoulders again I'll go slightly back keep the neck elongated along take the gaze a few inches away make sure that we're not letting our spine go to a nice neutral spine pull the belly up sucking that in okay you ready let's do it all again on this side I five six seven we kick up and back in and back three five six seven hold it there tap it down we go down and lift three four five I'm sweating six five seven now we flex the foot we go hamstring curl extend two three so it's quite normal to have one shot side it's more dominant than the other I'm left-handed take control now we pulse it up we go Jane Fonda and squeeze squeeze 76 years so looks amazing pulse it up and squeeze squeeze get ready for round two we go and leave it there tap it down down and lift keep it pointed sweet nice extended leg go fifth leg fans filling up hold it there flick the foot and go use that resistance pull in kick it up pull in throw more squeeze squeeze squeeze pulse it up to the ceiling these parallel foot flexed squeeze that butt cheek I hope it's on fire with it screaming last time we go knee to the chest and me hiccup a son can loop lie down shake y'all take y'all throw more for me tap it down down squeeze to to me Oh five six seven i'm shrinko and he chooses quickly using the correct form you will definitely feel the burn is fatiguing the Christmas tree plays belly in post it we go five six let's do eight more seven nearly that stay with me and drop it down good at Child's Pose excellent work so you can choose to do as many rounds of that as you best to rob Millikan's MEMS of Steel alright are you ready for cardio number three let's do it five six we good for Novak we go one two three four keep going five six side to side let's try that again one of us now side to side pulling back side to side with now we do one leg might take one good jump again s it forward let's go back to this house egos side run leg going on jumping jack to knees again let's try jumping jacks dice and dice single-leg put it back jumping jacks Josh says calves you can do that as many times as you like probably not after lunch swatch the other side good all right now are you ready for our lower body I'm going to need a yoga mat so get it and bring it back and now we are up to our ab workout our core workout we're going to flip around and we're going to do the perfect plank to do so once again we need to keep our wrists underneath our shoulders well extend our elbows slightly back towards our wigs I'm going to kick the legs back and make sure that you tuck that pelvis under you'll pull that navel to spine you extend and elongate your neck and take your gaze a few inches away from your spine if you have trouble with this at any time feel free to come back down take a little break and then go back into the perfect plank if you have any risk troubles you can do the modification which means you would come down onto your forearms so the same thing on your forearms but for today's sake we're going to do it in the perfect plank position alright let's start I'm going to come make sure this underneath our shoulders and necks relaxed our power is tucked under our legs are extended and they was going towards us fine right knee five six seven weaker slow two three four jump it out up now climate slow and right-left-right mountain climber one more time and a right-left-right mountain climber let's hold the perfect tank we go eight six five four three round two and a right-left right-left a mountain climber again and a right-left right-left mountain climber one small time and all right right the fast we hold it we go hold two three four five six seven address good knees down push back into Child's Pose hello ladies we survived that one dying all right now we've got round two of our planks second set same thing I'm going to come back into the perfect plank we're going to not drop our knees down one at a time so we do a single knee drop lift it up and a single knee drop and both knees and both knees so you're gonna feel this in your lower abs make sure you don't come up and down keep into the perfect plank and you're gonna drop the knees down to the floor all right are you ready for this okay let's move let's come up we drop the right knee reach a single and double and single and single and double one more time single and single and double all the pipe again and a single single double single Single Double one more time single Single Double hold it there hold two three four five six and good job good so we have to do another round of that oh yes good Apple body workouts you all you there no in your core so let's try that once more remember your mountain climbers you're bringing your knees into your chest feet toward your neighbor toward your midline we don't want to make sure the arch our back so you met modification remember ease down on the forums if you – okay ladies let's do this high five six pinner manly go right left right and I one two three four five six second times one two three bedtime hold the plank and rest pose good job we're just got a single Single Double knees drop and then we're done right – add the steel very strong core let's go come up and breathe last time we'll do the three times through and then hold out play five six seven we go single Single Double again single single double single Single Double hold it hold two three four last time and a single Single Double single Single Double one more single single acquittal kill machete on iron and these down good push back into table press good job if you will need can roll out the rest relax the shoulders we made it to the end of the workout what's next is the stretch the best part of the day major this is now our cooldown and it's the most important part of the workout so don't forget it let's take two shorter rolls back girl let's take that arm out reach to the side up and over as you pull up out of your midline reach over to the side stretch and hold let's get to use your breath and down other arm out to the side reach and over hold and breathe down reach my arms up to take a breath a tip forward and reach towards your ankles if it I'll beat your ankles with your shins or you as you know they can heavy feel that gorgeous stretch into the hamstrings tilt that pelvis up we're gonna place the head down like a deep runners lunge back damage let me go weights imports to hold these stretches don't wanna rush through them reach the hands up to the ceiling and Bridal I know place the arm down that back leg ends you keep extend both legs straight no miss that show up and then you're gonna bend that back knees it's a nice deep stretch into that hamstrings hold and breathe place the toe back down bring the feet in towards each other when it take the other leg then back down and repeat runners lunge hold today better place that left hand out as you to reach down up towards the ceiling and twist and hold hold hold hold good place the hand back down and walk that back leg in as you reach down stretch over lift the toe up deeper stretch to that hamstring together come now stretching flower arches we've been doing some jumping those really nice magical – stretch your arches now I'm going to place the heels down as we stretch deep into our Keeley's tendon and you're going to grab your elbows and hold and breathe good let's extend our elbows towards the floor as we lift that tailbone up towards the ceiling stretch deep into that lower back so nice hand in stretch if you need to you can soften the knees and let's roll up through the spine let's not forget our cross go into a quad stretch and bring the knees to kiss each other and lift that hip toward and bring you back as you bring it up come up and hold and breathe here place it down swap through the other side please kissing again bring that toe that feels towards your glute I'm up and a whole stadium boom let's take three deep breaths together thank you for joining us deep breath in sweating Betty get fit for free campaign I'm Simone Alice and Chrissie and we're from body by Stallone last breath in shake it out and give me a she mean something like that baby