hello my name is ellen croft and welcome to my 25 minute speed sculpting workout joining us today will be veronika Melissa and Chris now I'm going to be giving modifications for certain exercises and I'll be referring to who's modifying so please watch and if any of these exercises are a little challenging just follow the modifier we are going to start with ten rows so sit facing the tower hold on to your sculpting bar with the palms down lean back so that your lower abdominals engage right away lift the chest pull the shoulders down and ready we'll be doing two a little bit slow so you get the motion inhale through the nose and exhale one inhale and we're going to do the other eight and a faster pace squeeze the back and here we go and three elbows reaching to the ground notice how my body's not moving torso stays in the same place having to use the stabilizing muscles in your torso to stay here and one and last one for ten squeeze the back we're going to put the palms up holding onto the sculpting bar don't change your posture Chris is still modifying you'll notice he has a half round underneath his buttocks at his knees are bent arms straight inhale and exhale pull the bar towards your forehead inhale and exhale for two pull the navel in three keep the chest up for five this is a little bit challenging again just lean forward the further you lean back the more tension there is in the springs and two more one and last one we're going to hold it for a second for the squeeze great we're gonna go straight into kneeling triangle this is an exercise I can honestly say I've never seen anywhere else but in Pilates and not all Pilates studios do it maybe they just don't know it but it's awesome this is a great exercise for stretching your chest hold your stomach in lift your chest line your knees hips and shoulders up inhale on the exhale you're going to push the bar down under your buttocks inhale try not to let your shoulders round as you slide the bar up your back and exhale out you go inhale pull the navel in up and exhale out and push down inhale up pull the stomach in out two more down up and out last one all the way up and out and bring it down and we're going to switch directions so bring the arms back you might be getting a wonderful chest and shoulder stretch here bend the elbows keeping the sculpting bar as high as you can exhale using your triceps to push it down and under the arm and squeeze down the goal here is when you pull it in not to round the shoulders Shh same one and one and last one up and push it down and we're going to do standing crunches and I'm going to ask Chris to remain on his knees facing the tower because he's going to modify this in case you're someone who gets dizzy or or are concerned about balance but in time your balance improves with this machine amazingly so bend the knees pull the stomach in and exhale pull it towards your shins we're doing 10 inhale exhale pull a navel to the spine so you're hollowing out your stomach like you're trying to push the bar around the ball I'm focusing on pulling my sternum that's the middle of my ribcage towards my pubic bone notice how my arms aren't doing the motion 7 my arms are locked in place two more exhale last one pull the navel in exhale squeeze that's great we're going to do singles this is another classic Pilates exercise you're going to go ahead and lay down on your back with your head to the tower Veronica is going to modify this notice how she's putting half round into the small of her back that's so that she doesn't press her back down all the way and she's putting the other round underneath behind her neck so she has complete comfort I like Pilates because of the comfort level okay legs in tabletop position inhale engage your last pull pull the shoulders down feeling all this connect close the ribs and able to spine and exhale bar to the shins I mean to the thighs and exhale squeeze inhale and squeeze it's okay to leave your head down if your neck feels a little tired sometimes it takes a little bit of time to build the strength there and six inhale seven notice how I'm not rocking like my torso it's being stable to more wood I'm not pressing my back down and – we're going into resting position put the heel feet down elbows to the mat inhale and on the exhale you're going to extend your arms reaching the bar down towards your upper thigh for one two I like to call this resting because it looks like you're resting but you're really working the back of your arms hi this is great if you want to wear those shirts in the summer you really want to work the back of your arms one last one really hold it at the bottom and squeeze squeeze great we're going to go into hundreds this is another classic Pilates exercise it's challenging so if you can only do 20 that's fine you're going to start in the tabletop position maintain neutral spine veronica's the modifier she has the half round so that you don't press your back down the breathing I'm going to start you start you off and explain the breathing so go ahead and inhale one big inhale and exhale go ahead and into the motion and the breathing is listen one big inhale and five quick exhales the exhale is one breath exhaling in five different parts and you're contracting the abdominals a little tighter with each exhalation so it's a challenging exercise because you're staying in the same place you're working your lats the back of your arms your ribs are closing and that's 90 good great work last set leg circles that's great guys okay let's go ahead and take off your sculpting bar I like to do everything in the reclined position that's what attracted me to Pilates the idea that I can exercise and recline okay lay down keep your pelvis and neutral spine again you're having a problem doing that use the half round but learning to do that's what's going to give you the flat abdominals that's what's going to give you those lovely muscles that run along the back of your spine your extensor muscles not only do they add strength but they give you a beautifully defined back inhale on the exhale you're going to squeeze bringing the legs down to the towards the floor open the legs just a little bit wider than the Supreme plies machine and come up don't let the back go down and exhale for two inhale up and exhale for three inhale up exhale for four squeeze those legs together squeeze up and six and squeeze and seven what you're doing here is opening up the hips you're rotating nine one more and come down and up two switch directions open the legs and one squeeze the legs together and two you're rotating the head of your femur that's the bone that runs into your hip and you're moving it in the hip what you're doing is loosening up the entire hip joint area really important just to state be able to move freely throughout your day and not to wake up stiff last one and come up now bring the legs down just a little bit we're going into five frogs so keep your feet just a little bit above the ground not too low neutral spine squeeze the legs together press those heels together inhale see how my legs are coming in on the same plane and then exhale squeeze it's okay to lift your head and look down your body so that you can see where you are and in and out squeeze the inner thighs wrap those muscles right here wrap them back and squeeze and last one and squeeze hold there for a second feet parallel we're going to do bicycles let's start with the right leg bend it in I like to do it in a slightly flexed footed position and reach long with the leg for one so we're gonna get some movement three four five six seven eight nine ten and ready and switch this is great for the knees brings a lot of blood into the joints gets you flexible in motion and that's great bring the leg up we're going into side leg work so keep the spring on the right foot and roll onto your side at first you'll feel that's even a challenge but in time that'll be quite simple so we're doing ten reach long like you're going to paint the wall in the opposite side of the room bring the leg down squeeze the leg on the bottom let's hold there for a second while you get the posture lift the little arch right here your waistline lifts it up so your hips are stacked inhale up with the leg and down for two squeeze inhale up and squeeze inhale and squeeze again the rest of your body needs to be relaxed and five more squeeze and squeeze and squeeze two more squeeze and last one squeeze this exercise I couldn't do when I first started and I it's nothing now so it's one of those things that I love to be able to work up to five lower leg lifts one and down and two and damn and three and down some of you are saying this is so easy and four and down and those are going to go sorry five five fest kicks 10 fest kicks and go kick kick kick kick kick kick six seven tight buttocks eight nine and ten and let's just go into the pleasure zone reach forward and relax mmm this is wonderful stretch your hamstrings so great just stay here as long as you can enjoy the stretch we're going to keep moving so bend the knee and slowly come back now we're going to do a quadricep stretch I like to get down lower on it make sure you keep your stomach in and don't over arch your back you can put your toe to the floor and let that leg go all the way back give yourself a nice stretch feel it through the front of the thigh really important to stretch the front of your legs not only is that what gives you that long lean look breaks down the bulkiness that we develop in our quadriceps but it also helps your hips and helps your stomach come in because when you stretch these out it's much easier to pull your stomach in and get that nice flat stomach that's good we're going to switch sides now roll over okay ten leg lifts line yourself up under the spring straighten the leg stack the hips get comfortable okay paint the wall inhale and exhale reach and squeeze and inhale up and reach and squeeze inhale up and three squeeze what's great is you might be feeling this right here these muscles are working they're working to stabilize you these are the muscles I told you that give you that great line on either side of your spine two more one and up and two squeeze and lift the leg up and let's bring the lower leg up four five one and down and two and and squeeze and down and squeeze and down last one squeeze tighten the buttocks everything gets tight ready and kick kick kick one three five seven and ten go into that hamstring stretch enjoy this do not cheat yourself out of these stretches they make such a difference to your fitness level oh I feel so good too okay go ahead and bend the knees at home you can stay in that for 90 seconds would be great put the toe down reach back try not to let's let the leg lift up it's going to want to lift try to keep it down so you get the good stretch again if you feel this in your knee don't go back so far look at Chris he's tightness quadriceps he's not reaching back as far all right that's great go ahead and let that down now we're going into small circles standing we're doing some upper body work and the further you stand away from the Machine the more challenging it's going to be also the more you lean the machine out of the machine the easier it's going to be so you want to stay in your heels that's going to force you to stabilize arms out palms down and we're going to start by sweeping the arms under for one pull that stomach in and to lift the chest and three and four fill your whole body stabilizing you here everything's working the lower part of your buttocks if it's not you should be squeezing it eight nine and ten get ready we're going to switch and change directions one two three don't let the body Rock it's all about staying stable ribs closed long neck eight nine and ten are going into hug a tree so turn the palms bring the arms down a little bit palms facing forward Chris's doing the modification he's standing with one foot forward and on the exhale one stomach in we'll be doing two and three we're doing ten and four try to keep those ribs closed navel in and six and seven and eight two more nine one more whoo I'm feeling it and ten that's great we're going to do buttocks bridges or butt bridges and this is an awesome buttocks and hamstring exercise I also love it because it gets mobility in my spine and it works your stomach all the way through so you make a little spine massage while you do this lay on your back get really comfortable legs together everybody comfortable inhale on the exhale tilt the pelvis and roll all the way up so you're in a little bit of a bridge position here inhale at the top and exhale roll down really slowly now it doesn't matter if your buttocks is only getting half an inch off the mat that's very common in terms of the first time you do this come all the way up four to reach long with the fingers long neck and exhale you'll be surprised how quickly you will be able to roll up last one just need to keep working at it and in a very short period of time what seems sort of challenging initially will something something that you've mastered that's why I love this work you always feel like you're getting somewhere okay that's great we're going to get debt ready for a cool-down grab the short spring attach it to the top make sure that the sleeve protective sleeve is look short that the end is closest to you we're going to do up stretch Melissa will be modifying she has a half round underneath her buttocks her knees will be bent because she's tighten her hamstrings so it's hard for her to sit up tall so we're going to inhale and on the exhale I always like to start with my knees bent – it's a little more friendly on the back inhale and on the exhale you're going to reach forward reaching out of the hips out of the waist reaching reaching reaching reaching reaching up now do not come back stay there and try to straighten the legs you can inhale and on the exhale reach up higher yeah you didn't really shed more stretching you inhale and exhale reach up higher oh no is there any more left inhale I'm going further and reach yeah that's awesome good now pull your navel in and roll down and push through reach reach reach you want to be very gentle on this stretch don't overdo it no bouncing inhale pull the navel in and reach forward let the head just relax people always try to overdo this stretch just it's a gentle stretch it doesn't matter how far you can go just stretching your hamstrings that's great now pulling your navel in stack your vertebrae one at a time as we come up into the saw position you're going to take your left hand and put it on the right side of the swing through bar your right arm is going to twist across behind you inhale and on the exhale you're going to reach the hand towards your foot and then try to sit up tall giving you a very big stretch right through here your thoracic rib area pushing this hand like you're pushing your palm into the ground so you're working this part of your back here inhale and exhale such an important stretch not just for your posture but you spend so much time in our life rounded like this that this gets those muscles up and shortened and tight and strong again inhale and exhale so you'll be able to reach into the backseat of the car inhale exhale it feels so good when you become more flexible in this way you feel so much younger inhale reach forward and let's do the other side inhale and on the exhale reach forward lift the chest corkscrewing back shoulders down lift the chest inhale reach forward and look back one more time stretching right across here lift reach and twist breathe try to fill this part of your back with your breath stretching the muscles from the inside just love that exercise okay now we're going to go into this into a child's pose you're done with your workout you've done a great job I just want to tell you a little bit about Child's Pose Chris is going to be modifying it he's using the half round to kneel on this is a great way to end your workout it can be a little bit of an intense shoulder stretch so don't if you feel too much tension in your shoulders back off on it it's really important to stretch your shoulders it helps a lot in proper posture and holding the shoulders down and actually as you stretch you strengthen so as you can see their buttocks are up in the air the back is slightly arched that's to protect the back and they're getting a great stretch thank you for joining us keep this up and you'll see great results