Growing up, I just felt this hatred for
myself. There wasn’t a lot of Indigenous families. I saw myself as an outsider and
it was just hard to, you know, get up every day to, you know, get ready because
I didn’t want people to see my face. I dropped out of school and I sort of
stopped planning for the future because I didn’t think I had one. And I felt like,
like nobody was there for me when I needed them. At that point I just thought I was alone.
But then I finally found a program that I connected with and I felt like I
belong there. It was definitely a place where I felt at home. I got to know
myself and to feel confident. As Indigenous people, we have not been given the power to be who we were originally meant to be. And that’s one of the beauties
about this organization and to see that your life is shining, that encourages me
to realize the benefit of generosity. Giving next year, it’s gonna be even
easier. Some days I just think, I’m actually here. Without United Way and the generosity of the whole organization I don’t even really know where I’d be.
It has given me a future. It’s just the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.