We also want to be the kind of school
that looks after its students wellness. Med school is stressful. Students around the country we are finding are often getting depressed, unhappy there’s a lot of
concern about what’s called physician burnout where physicians are just –
they’re not functioning at the level they’d like to, and they’re even often
regretting becoming a physician or continuing to be a physician. We want to
give our students the tools to deal with stress. We are trying to set up a
curriculum that will be exceptionally supportive and helpful of students who
may be finding it challenging, and we are building in breaks in the curriculum
where students who might have fallen a little bit behind will have time to
catch up. Students will get to be doing other things other than being in their
small group case based learning style. They’ll be engaged in projects and
activities and rejuvenating. We are thinking very actively what will help
our students thrive to become successful, healthy, active, thriving physicians even
after they’ve left our school.