– What do you call a man
with no arms and no legs in the ocean?
– Bob. What do you call a lady with one leg? – Peg. – Elaine.
– Elaine (mumbles). (upbeat music) – Hey burners, I’m here with Paul. And we’re gonna have a quick
chat about some of the products that you can use coming
into the last four weeks of prep for a fitness competition. Now, Paul, I know that
previously, you have helped a lot of INBA, IFBB, and
other federation competitors getting ready in sort of those last, not only the last four weeks
but kind of the whole prep. – Yes.
– But in particular, the last four weeks, getting those kind of one, two, five-percenters. Do you wanna tell us a little bit about how you got involved in that? – Yes, so previously to
owning Fat Burners Only, I owned stores around Perth. And we became that go-to
location for those fitness competitors throughout
their whole prep, especially that last four weeks,
on giving them knowledge and information, and education
on the right products to use for prepping for competition. – Awesome.
– So now, we always maintained that you always have
to ask a coach as well about taking any products.
– Yeah. – And also, that training
and diet are the number ones. But when you’re on stage,
everyone has got the training and the diet down pat.
– It’s so close. – They’re so close.
– Yeah. – And what we found was when we introduced the right supplements, these
competitors that every year were coming third and fourth.
– Yeah. – Straight to first, first, first. – Amazing.
– And then, the word sort of spread.
– Yeah. – And then, that’s how
we became the go-to store for that education and
information because there’s not a lot of people that
know about this education on the right products for prep. And we were that location. So that’s why, again we’re
getting a lot of people asking Fat Burners Only what are
the right products to take coming into the last few weeks of prep. – Yeah, amazing.
– Yeah. – So now I have heard you
refer to these products as our secret weapon. So tell me a little bit about that. Maybe we can go into kind of
each product, what it will do, why you should use it
in the last four weeks, how it’s gonna work, and
maybe when you should use it as well.
– Sure – Kind of dosage wise. – Yeah 100%. So like I said before,
always ask your coach because they might have a plan. But if these are fine,
they’re fantastic to use in the last four weeks of prep. None of this contain
any banned substances. So completely fine for
drug-tested federations as well. – Absolutely.
– But you don’t have to be. Like if you’re on a IFBB
federation, for example, as well these are still great.
– Still great products, yeah. But ICN, IMBA, these are perfectly fine. – Exactly, yeah.
– Awesome. So first part we have here is
called Ripped-Freak Diuretic. – Yes.
– What do we got? – So this as it says, it’s a diuretic. So we shed water under the skin. The reason we choose this one is that it’s extremely effective. We’ve been actually recommending
the Ripped-Freak Diuretic for the last five, six
years for people on prep. And they always say, it worked perfectly. – Yep.
– The other cool thing about it is it’s got
only three ingredients. They’re all natural.
– Yep. – And they’re not harsh
on the system at all. – Yeah.
– They genuinely work. And it’s actually good
for kidney functions. So it contains dandelion,
juniper as well as some magnesium to flush out water as well. – Okay, cool.
– So it’ll get rid of that water retention under the skin. It gives that nice dry non-bloated look. – Cool
– Yeah. – And so, when would
you recommend taking it? So we’re talking like
four weeks before prep. Would you start taking this four weeks out or is this something you would
use, maybe like a week in or like peak week, that kind of thing. – Yes, yeah. So if you’re coming into the
comp and you’re still holding a little bit too much
water under the skin, and you’re looking to shed
it, it’s only in the last week of prep that you would look
to use something like this. – Yeah.
– There’s no need to take it four weeks out.
– Okay. So this says, take four
capsules in the morning and four capsules in the afternoon. Is that sort of what you’d recommend? – Exactly, yeah. And the great thing about
this product, it explains how long to use it for, when to use it, and how many at a time.
– Yeah. – So it’s really simple but
use it on the last week of prep if you’re holding too much fluid. – Awesome, that’s that guy there. So the next ones we have
is the Subcut and Block E3. Now these are so so
popular with competitors. – Yes.
– And like I said definitely referred to as a secret weapon. So which one do you wanna start with? So we can start with the
Block E because that does the first job. Now, just a little bit of a
side-note about these products, I’ve even had male competitors come in. I’ve explained this to them. That’s happened this year actually. He said, “Look, I don’t believe
it but I’m going to try it.” And then, he sent me a message
four weeks later saying, “Mate, I have never come in
so dry, it actually worked.” – That’s exciting. – And we get a lot of that comment. – But that’s the stuff you love. – That’s the stuff we love.
– You know, that reason to do it.
– Yeah. And like I said, it’s these
one-percenters on stage that make all the difference. Because most of the competitors on stage, they have the training
and the diet down-pat. This is what separates them. So Block E3 is a transdermal
cream that actually absorbs into the skin on the
problem areas that you might be holding too much fluid or
that last little bit of fat, and will detox these inner
estrogen toxin out of that area. – So when we’re looking at,
sort of, male competitors correct me if I’m wrong but I would say, for male competitors, it’s
definitely the lower abdomen getting that kind of
cracking lower abs happening. – Yep.
– And sometimes, the lower back around the
kidneys as well can be a bit of an estrogenic area for boys. – That is true, it’s these areas here. – Yep.
– As well as just underneath the pecs.
– Okay. – The bottom of the pecs.
– Okay, yeah. – So you would apply the block E there. For females, it’s gonna
be back of the arms. – Yep.
– Stomach – Yep.
– And the legs and thighs. – Yeah, I would also say,
if you’re a male competing not so much in like physique
or fitness, if you’re competing in body-building, and
you’re trying to get out kind of glut striations
and stuff like that, you’d put it a bit on the gluts. – Yes, you can put it anywhere
that there’s a problem because what happens is the
body will store these toxins including xenoestrogen in
these areas of fat or water. – Yeah.
– And unless we flush out the xenoestrogen, it’ll
need that fat and water to hold those toxins there. So the block E3 will
sweep out those toxins and make their body release
the fluid or make the body realize that that fat
is not needed to store the toxin anymore.
– Yeah. – Right, so that’s what
block E3 will do, yeah. – And so, for guys and
girls on this as well, we recommend dry-retching
before you use the product, it’ll help to get the blood
circulating to the skin layers so that you’re gonna be
getting a better absorption. And applying this one two
times a day after showering in the morning, and
after showering at night. – Yes, ideally, because
when you have a shower, you wash off all the oils from your skin. – Yep
– Anything that you then put on after shower gets soaked
in very effectively, yeah. – And generally as well, most
people will have a hot shower which will open up
pores, and again you get better absorption of
the active ingredients. – Exactly, so that’s the
best way to use the block E to get rid of those toxins. And then the Subcut can come in. – It’s right here, yeah,
tell us about this. – The Subcut, again, a
transdermal cream you put on those problem areas.
– Yeah. – And has clinically shown
ingredients that work transdermally like the block E3. – Yeah.
– To break up fat and move it into the bloodstream. – Yeah.
– So perfect for those last little areas that
you’re struggling to move. Sweep the toxins out and
then break the fat off, and move it into the blood
stream where the body can then burn it as fuel. – So perfect for use before cardio. So if you’re really trying to tighten up shred those last few layers of fat, and you’re doing kind of cardio sessions, this would be perfect for that. – It’s perfect for cardio
but also, you know, people don’t realize that weights burn a lot of calories as well.
– Yeah. – So even if you’re
doing a weight session, your heart-rate is going up. So it’s perfect for cardio and weights to be honest, yeah.
– Yeah, super-sets drop-sets, all that
kind of stuff you would, and kill it with that.
– Exactly. So that’s how they work. Any thing else that? – Yeah, I was just gonna
mention two things in regards to the Subcut and Block E3. I think it’s really important to note. For a lot of people, you know,
using a cream as a supplement is like a little bit of
a mind twist, you know. It’s a weird thing but that’s kind of ATB’s science geek, right.
– Yeah. – So I think the cool thing
to mention about this is that they do test every single
ingredient to make sure that it can be absorbed
through the dermal layer. So I think that’s really
important to know. And then the other thing I
wanted to mention about Subcut is it does contain a
small amount of caffeine. So perhaps not a great idea to use this when too close to bed. You know, when you are coming
into prep, you really wanna maximize on the rest and recovery. So yeah, I won’t recommend using
this one too late at night. – Yeah, it does only have a
little bit but it does absorb. So you wanna give it about that three hour mark before bed.
– Yep, yeah – Ideally, yeah. Some people are fine with a
bit of caffeine before bed. – Yeah. – And then, you could
take it a bit closer. But yeah, roughly that time,
three hour mark before. – Perfect, thank you. And then, so the last one
I wanted to talk about. Now this product was developed
in conjunction with WBFF world champion Hattie Boydle. So if she’s using it for her comps and she’s a world champion,
you gotta know that it’s pretty good. – Okay, on comp day.
– Yeah, I keep it ’cause like – Really.
– Peak week coming into the show, I drop my fiber
back but I keep that in. – And even on comp day,
you’d still take it. – Yep, I still have that
first thing in the morning before anything else, yeah. – Why not tell us a little
bit about Gut Performance. – So Gut Performance, as you
mentioned, was brought to market by Hattie Boydle.
– Yes. – Because she was actually
putting it together and using it just by herself for years. So it wasn’t a product for
sale, she was actually using it. And what she found was it helped
get rid of that water bloat under the skin.
– Yep. – As well as get rid of
that bloat in the stomach. – So it’s got some…
– Really tighten up the mid-section.
– Really tighten it up. So there’s no gas sort
of bloat in the stomach. It’s got special fiber that
will actually help get rid of that bloat in there.
– Amazing. – And some other ingredients to help with nutrient absorption and all
that sort of stuff as well. So if people, and a lot of
fitness competitors say, “Look, I am dry, I’ve got
no body fat anywhere.” – Yeah.
– “I just have a “swollen midsection.” Whether it’s…
– High protein diet. – ..high protein…
– Yeah. – ..allergies to any
food that they’re eating that they’re not aware
of or changing their gut by going into prep.
– 100%. – This guy here will actually
tighten up that midsection. – Reduce the bloat.
– And reduce that bloat, coming on stage really really flat, yeah – I think it’s a pretty cool
thing to mention as well. You know, we were lucky enough,
well, Paul was lucky enough to interview Hattie. A couple of months ago,
and we’re talking about Gut Performance, and the
one thing she said that I thought was really beneficial,
particularly if you are prepping and you’re dropping
calories in your inner calorie deficit. She said that during
her prep, she would use Gut Performance between meals. So if she had like a eating
window where she couldn’t eat her next meal for another
three hours, she would take some Gut Performance just
to kind of fill her up a little bit, reduce her
appetite, and help to push out that kind of eating window. – As well, yeah.
– Yeah. – Perfect to stay on the right
amount of calories as well coming into those final
stages of the prep. – Amazing.
– Yeah, so there you go. – As I said, always check with your coach. – Yes, 100%.
– Because they always have a plan. So as long as these fits in
with the plan, it’s perfect. But these are just some
of our secret weapons coming into prep. – Thank you so much for sharing. And if you guys have any
questions on these products or coming into a sort of the
sharper end of your prep, feel free to leave a comment
in the comment section. Otherwise, thank you so much
for watching our latest video. And we’ll see you on the next one. – Cheers burners, bye.
– Cheers burners.