Row at an intense incline with the
Incline Slide Rower by Sunny Health & Fitness As you begin your row the
aluminum slide rail inclines, forcing your legs to push against gravity
creating a full-body dynamic rowing experience. Adjust up to five levels of
incline for versatile and challenging workout with up to thirty degrees. Engage your upper body with the full motion foam padded handlebars and feel a deep
burn in your quads as you control your descent back down The sturdy steel construction supports an incredible 350 LBS While the ultra smooth aluminum
slide rail provides a silent ride Feel comfortable as you experience rowing like never before Propel your legs back on the ergonomic
pivoting foot pedals and track all your fitness progress effortlessly on the
performance tracking monitor Build strength in your arms and back
while engaging your core Slide and incline into that full body workout you’ve been looking for with the Incline Slide rower by Sunny Health & Fitness