>>My name is Mia Pelonis Garefis. I own
Sunny Grill, I’ve been operating this business for the past 17 and a 1/2 years. Since the changed everything with these road here, our business has been 20 to 25 percent down. I was absolutely given no notice. Nobody asked me, nobody told me, the worst was that I had no idea what they were doing.
I saw a couple of guys with plans on the sidewalk and when I went and I asked
them “What are you doing?” They said, “We’re gonna rip everything out.” and I couldn’t understand what was that all about. Well, it was much later that I found out
what they were talking about when the bulldozers came in and started ripping
the sidewalk. My sidewalk was ripped twice! We were closed while they were doing this construction. I kept asking what have I done to you?
Why are you doing this to me? My customers come in and they pretty much say they hate this.
They don’t like it. I have no comments, because it’s not up to me. The last again without notification they allowed the right turn, but everything
starts in front of my drive-through. I have customers that come in and ask, “What did she do to the drive-through? How did we miss it?”. And at the beginning I didn’t
know what to say, but I realized that people got confused and bypassed my
drive-through. I’m very disappointed. Who planned this? Can you come and see that you will avoid the drive-through if you follow the signs. I want my business back. Mr. Bonin, I have pictures when we build this place. I have pictures of the sidewalk. I have never had any problems, this is tremendous. Please take it back, give us back what it used to be.