you always have a challenger so hey guys back to my show and welcome to the fourth day of summer specials and as you can see I have a very special guest with can you introduce yourself hello Suze lovable sue Beauty founder of knockout which is a wellness brand and today we doing a lot of work but I'm super excited yeah he's so like doesn't so she is the founder and the CEO of NACA global if you guys swallow like I necessary I'm you guys know how obsessed I got you know I actually had a juice yesterday oh my gosh oh my gosh I'm appearing in people's dreams now it really has cheese made I better hurry up definitely check them out their workout program it's not just a workout they help you with your mental health physical health and it's just a great community highly recommend and also you're also opening up in Singapore yes that's right yes so we're having a pop-up event on August 23rd we work and it's gonna be like a full-blown wellness party I couldn't tell I want to go party to come anyways for this summer special of video I asked jasmine to help us out a bit and she's gonna teach us how to do a simple 5-minute boot a booty workout I've got you simple you can do wherever in your house at the gym and your Josue Jake balls so she's gonna teach us a because I don't know how yeah I usually put a lot of coal body with booties so get ready to get out okay get started right away okay guys so what we decided to do is that we decide to film like a short how-to at the beginning and then we included the whole footage of us working out hence the sweat right you just finished a whole workout so that you can work out with us in time so they're like we're working out together together so see – until the very end if you want to work out with us so yeah let's go I'm gonna be doing two sequences of booty workout right so the first one is obviously you know what it was squat to go all the way down I just wanted to do the basic always your knees are going outside not inward and a little bit wider than your shoulder letting that your can come up and what I always want you to squeeze at the top have to squeeze out the probably that booty yes squeeze the booty first what we're going to do is going to target the whole one and then right okay let's go up down up right good that's a little shift in the balance good and pull the breath work down whoo up good hand down ah let's do two more make sure that your upper body is up all the weight last one and up and down and okay so we're gonna go down and wait you always have a challenger so is this a movement where you don't do anything that can help you leave your whole body shaking is right this is what I've got is advance so not go to us about the right ten nine eight seven six five four three two one shake it off shake it off shake it off so this one's going to be full body okay so we're going to do slow speed and then the bass beat okay so speed is going to be you're going to pull down to squat down the back left back right it's a plank for get back up and twist other burpees yes boy it's like it's like you don't go all the way up I want you to stay here continue to move five all right go back back up stop down back back up up remember your shoulders and your wrists are in line is three all right up before now down my cookies doggy friends middle that's on five good all right I mean up origin Britt into a couple of fast pace of Hulbert beats so you're gonna go down and I want you to have that squat position so what I want you to do is your knees and you're about to be in one line that's always super important okay okay all right [Applause] we're to go down on all fours you can use him at home if you want to it we'll just do it on the ground up all right so this one we're going to be doing some burpees but you can target all parts of her I know he has a nice spot again your feet your position of course your shoulders your wrist is one line and from you are ahead to your but it's also straight if you don't want to arch your back or roll it okay so there's one no right there to your right leg back straight there you go up and down slide this to your right you can see this is your upper glutes right and then these are your side boots okay next is a couple more upper glutes good side up who is your Lord use your breath and that's one and okay I want to pull back that baby move so you can get that stretch in that side the same thing all these you're writing position is a straight leg alright so we're going to put up down left up oh that's you who left there we go feel it in the upper feeling this side it's really important when you work out but you know where you're working out okay you don't know he owns another name you need to know what's happening RMS so to one side alright and side all right good job pull it back pensions people always think that squats are the only things that really help your booty but bridges are super super efficient so we're down like this right you want to get shoulder width apart and for weight in terms of weight and you're doing your bridges you want to go all the way up and exhale and breathe alright there are many variation so we're going to start with this one alright going up and then good up and down two more up and down nice going up and down okay now we're going to turn it our single we're gonna do single so that we can turn to each side as you go up marks right and down okay put it down up March what and then go up March right good and down yo that one side birdie and left alright let's do one more set and up rights up and down and left side and down that barrage all right so this is it for a quick booty workout we were here our floor and you are lying down that was actually more enjoyable than I was surprised at how like the rest stop it wasn't that much yeah yeah okay I mean you can do more if you want to you could do just as much honestly it doesn't really matter if you want like really 5 minute workout it but you can always lengthen it by driving or sex so each of the workouts I would recommend if you want to do like a full workout 10 to 12 times and 3 SEC's right it's always good to just put as many as you can play it around with it sometimes you watch what I'm doing one sometimes you want to do all them you know play around sue always actually I was like a video list of all she doesn't sink once you do so you can definitely add your verb variations yeah so guys if as you guys said wasn't that hard so if you follow with us or your home and tag us and not global if you're a part of the hashtag work FM also hash tag that you guys enjoy don't forget to Like and subscribe to make sure that also Jasmine yes our own youtube channel as well as she also great workout yes and she talks about mental health and like real things you know it's no BS whatsoever so doubt good yeah oh my god [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] your size of burning is ayah you're doing it right right now we're gonna go fast that's where each other no trying to buy time yes I can speed that he will buy time and many [Applause] [Applause] three two one go [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] now all right ten legal strings marching oh right right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and that's a wrap