let's talk about tea baby let's talk about you and tea let's talk about all the good things and the good things about this tea let's talk about tea let's talk about tea is so T let's talk about tea hey so we are going to talk about is ot the detox tea but people get results as far as like losing weight weight loss why because this is the jump start to every regimen this is just jump start a weight loss regimen this is the jumpstart to your healthy lifestyle regiment whatever and it has to do with the guts I'm Billy Riley's this is what we this is the – okay this is the tea you want the tea I got the tea and so this is a detox tea why is the detoxing important what is the purpose of this detox tea it is important because a lot of our food carries so much stuff that is just not natural in nature let alone inside the internal environment of our bellies and unfortunately our natural processes either are overburdened by what's coming in and trying to get it out or it's so backed up and caked in there and let's be honest we're talking about the intestines we're talking about the call and we're talking about so the mount is connected to the neck it's connected to you know the song okay and so the IFO key is the Athens he has nine Hertz and these herbs work together they're natural and that's why this is the gentle detox it's not as abrasive as a laxative and some other detox teas out there that have laxative properties within them this is a natural herbs natural herbs all coming together for the greater good of our good okay and so this is important for everybody so a lot promoted within the weight loss community in that conversation the healthy gut persons who suffer from IBS people who from for no other reason just feel tired like they don't they got adequate sleep they seem to be eaten a fairly balanced they're eating fairly balanced diet and now there's higher decide well why detox when's the last time you detox this may be one of many solutions this may be a part of the system of solution and so detox tea this is super super important and it's very important to control what's going in so what are we trying to do with a detox we are trying to cleanse cleanse our internal environment so that it is operating at optimum health and some things that we have some of the supplements that we use some of the just parts of our like workout regimen say you plateau you're eating the right things you you're doing the right amount of movement to try to get the results and for some reason you just reached a standstill when's the last time you detox now in the beginning of your journey and as you're incorporating this into your regimen you may need this for the entire month okay and you know how you eat so for a person like me I eat a lot of fruits vegetables I do eat grains I do eat a lot of fish but overall made a lot of foods and vegetables and so a person I wouldn't recommend a person who has a very balanced diet as in eating more Whole Foods I wouldn't recommend you do it after the initial do the 30 33 jumpstart your weight loss jumpstart your lifestyle change and if you're doing a thirty thirty to thirty thirty three follow it all the way through but once you get past that I stay depending on how you eat now if you eaten burgers and steaks all that good red meat stuff cool if you're not willing to give that up or no one will scale back you my dear will need to use ie so more often okay then someone who is more so on the whole foods and vegetables I okay so with this I a salty we want to make sure we drink a lot of water to help it do what it is do what it does and help flush our system drink lot of water half your body weight in ounces so if you're a hundred pounds half of Andhra is fifty you need 50 ounces of water throughout the day now when I first started I thought see I knew I had to get my water intake I was very intentional and conscious about it I drank a lot of ring water in general but I don't necessarily keep track of how much and I was so intentional that I kind of was like a speed race there and I drink a little too much too soon and so just pace it throughout the day it's going to work it's going to give you that gentle release of gentle elimination I thought see it's for me ISIL t is for you it's probably every body my daughter has tried this T she said it's a just like water it does taste like water with a hint of that herbal essence I like tea I like tea without anything no honey I just I like tea you don't have to be as he loved as to love this it's two ounces or excuse me to eight ounces twice a day and then you can have a little 4 ounce if you have like a little evening snack but to eight ounce to eight ounce cups twice a day I'm just drink your water and let it do what it do I don't so my card should we need some movement now I identify movement people say workouts people say go to the gym I say movement movement it can be anything for 30 minutes that gets your heart rate up you know you may break a little sweat if you're into that kind of thing I associate detox it's just helping to restore the internal environment so get it in a space that is receiving all the good food that you're putting in your body it's digesting it properly it's releasing it properly and we just want to make sure everything inside is working good so let's see information down below if you want more information send a comment leave a comment if you want more direct information let's go back and forth my IG you can see of me on IG and then we can turn that into a phone call so it all starts with T you know start to see I see it's for me you down one ayah so see ya you know me you don't know you about the everybody awesome amazing product its gentle is natural its organic is what you need in your body okay let's get this is a jump start this is not the end-all be-all this is a jump start okay