Outdoor Exercise My name is Sarah Pierce. I’m the Fitness Director at Oval Fitness, which is the resident gym at StuyTown. I think there are so many possibilities for this outdoor fitness site here both sport-specific being able to train for maybe an obstacle course sport that you do, or a sport like gymnastics, or being able to train for a race that you might have coming up. It’s also great for just general fitness, and then being able to be active outside with your family. Kids can play on it. We can get the elderly out here. There is a lot of opportunity. The advantages of working out outside are many, being able to use your fitness in a functional way on equipment that is not confined inside of a space. You get to be in the sun, get to play outside with your family if you choose to bring them, moving the way your body is designed to. It’s really simple, just walking in, and giving the equipment a try. There are some really awesome diagrams all around the area showing you how to do the exercises. If you wanna come into the gym, to Oval Fitness, we are over on East 20th street. You guys can come in and ask us or any of the trainers to help you, and we can come out here to give you some assistance and help you get a good workout, but it’s easy as just walking in.