Community Reactions I think this outdoor fitness center is sensational both from utilization, and aesthetical it’s very very pretty. It’s really terrific. It’s really just a great place to unwind after a long day. Come home and it’s just relaxing, feel the breeze out here. I really like working outside. It’s especially nice in the summertime and the beginning of fall, and I think it will be great too next spring. It gives me a chance to get outside and move around, cause I work inside all day. You can see sun, you get a breeze, actual legitimate natural breeze. You don’t have some fan that’s blowing at you. It’s amazing to be out here – just sweat it all out.
You feel better about yourself at the end of the day. You feel more invigorated and a day like this is absolutely perfect. It’s great. It really has everything that you need. Whether it’s a couple of quick sprints or you want to run a couple of miles and jog. And state of the art equipment. It’s not the same equipment that you see in a gym, a nice cushion floor, so when you run, there is less impact on the joints. Lot of different kind of equipment. It’s kind of cool that you get to work out with your neighbors too, so I like it a lot. The whole idea of StuyTown is it’s like a fun family neighborhood. This tends to fit right in the middle of that. Really here the outdoor community with the movies in the park, and now you have this outdoor space that the neighborhood really has been asking for, looking for, and now it’s here. It’s great. It’s an amazing place to work out. It’s really nice to have young kids and some adults working in the same place, because in some gyms only adults can go, so it’s nice to have the variety of the ages. Myself and my roommates struggle at times to stay fit in the city because it’s expensive, and you come here if you are a StuyTown resident and it’s for free. I definitely recommend it. I actually just started trying it because my roommate recommended it, and she loves it so much. It doesn’t take a lot of time. If you are here an hour, it’s a long time You can do a lot here in 20 minutes. Try it! It’s free, walk in, even if you are not working out. Walk around the track. It’s great to get outside. It feels good. You might like it. And it’s really fun too.