[both] Bienvenue aux Coeur de Lion Chronicles! -I’m Q – Et moi, c’est Del -Last week we asked you to think about your personal definition of wellness -Et cette semaine, on va partager nos définitions avec toi. -Everyone practices personal wellbeing differently. So this week we’re going to show you some on campus resources that we use and hope you’ll take advantage of as well! -À vos marques, prêts, partez! [music] Welcome to Coeur de Lion Chronicles -Selon moi, le mieux-être inclus plusieurs choses. I chose to do intramurals because it’s a chance for me to socialize and get fit! -Les sports ne sont pas pour moi, mais l’exercice m’aide à me détendre! Exercising at the GAC is not only good for my health, it makes me feel motivated and prepared! -Places on campus like Lunik are a safe space offered to students where they can hang out, study, and meet with friends.

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Plus, their alternative food options super are super convenient and really easy to make. -Je me sens le plus à l’aise dans l’atelier de théâtre. When the theatre isn’t bustling with rehearsals, it’s the perfect place to socialize, learn about building sets, and maybe even have an espresso. -Hi, I’m Ameidy -I’m Stacy -Et nous venons toutes les deux de l’île Maurice. Transitioning into a new life in a foreign country can be a fun, yet challenging experience. Il est parfaitement normal que pendant tes premiers mois ou tes premières semaines au Canada tu te sens dépassé par les évènements. -Mais heureusement qu’à Glendon, il y a plusieurs ressources pour aider les étudiants internationaux à créer leur chez eux. Nos conseillers au centre d’accessibilité, bien être et counseling t’encouragent et t’accompagnent durant cette transition à un nouveau pays. -If you feel overwhelmed with exams, or feel a little bit homesick, you can always talk to somebody There’s always someone to make Glendon feel like your home away from home. -The interfaith centre is open to all Glendon community members who may be seeking a space to pray, meditate, or for other religious or faith based needs. -Le Centre des Femmes et des Trans de Glendon maintient un espace positif ou il n’existe aucune discrimination. The centre aims to build community. The Sexual Violence Response Office offers support and resources for all members of the community that have experienced sexual violence, receives disclosures and complaints, and assists survivors through the complaint process. -For more information about how you can be an active bystander, and have a better understanding of consent, complete the activities in the YUstart module “Safety and Inclusion”. Dans ta première année, il peut être très intimidant d’utiliser des ressources, mais il y a toujours des membres de notre communauté qui sont heureux de t’aider. -It’s important to take care of yourself physically and emotionally, even if it’s something small like a cup of tea, walk in the park, or even a face mask! -And now it’s time for the challenges of the week! – Quel est ta définition du bien-être? -Fill out this week’s Instagram template, it’s all about wellness! -as-tu des suggestions pour prendre soin de soi? Share your self-care tips in the comments below! All important details and links will be in the description box. Remember to like comment and subscribe! [both] À bientôt!