Cuesta College’s Student Health Centers
are located in room 3150, building 3100 of the San Luis Obispo campus also to be
found on the North County campus in building N1000 room N1013. At the
Cuesta College Student Health Center, we provide students with free access to
confidential mental and physical health services. Our staff is here to help, and
all of your information is kept confidential so you can feel comfortable
and safe when speaking with our professional team. On the mental health
side, students have access to up to six therapy sessions each semester and our
therapist is here to help you receive the treatment you deserve. Our mental
health sessions are free and we want everyone who needs our offered services
to be able to use them easily and at their own convenience. On the physical
side, our clinic offers checkups, health screenings, and exams keeping you in your
best condition. Students have access to reduced cost medication, antibiotic
prescriptions, vaccinations, and free over-the-counter meds in our lobby. If
you are an enrolled student, you can see a nurse or clinician whenever you need
to and your medical information is all kept confidential except under very
specific circumstances that you will be made aware of during your intake process.
CAPSLO’s The Center has partnered with us to provide free and confidential
sexual and reproductive health care including access to condoms, emergency
contraception, pregnancy tests, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing and
counseling, and more. Some of these items as well as other helpful commodities can
be accessed along the back wall of our lobby, available to all students for free.
Students are also welcome to meet with a peer educator to learn about nutrition
and their bodies setting positive lifestyle and nutrition goals.
Making an appointment of any kind is easy. Our intake forms are available
online at the student health center webpage or you can just come by the
lobby to complete a new patient charge. For more information, you can find us
online and on social media to stay up to date on our provided services, special
events, and helpful tips about student living and self-care. Cuesta College
Student Health – one inclusive team supporting Cuesta students and their
journey. We’re here for you so you can build your future.