– Well they call me Chef Kenzie because I’m really good
at cooking for them. I love teaching different cooking classes and things like that cause I think that it’s really important to
be able to show people how to take those nutritious foods that we learn about and make it more applicable and take that practice
into their own homes. That was my goal first coming to CSU is to just get your foot in the door and get involved in as much as possible. And I found that some really
great ways to get involved are volunteering at
maybe, whether it’s the Early Childhood Center or the Food Bank for Larimer County, just kind of different ways that deal with
nutrition in some aspect. So you have to take, like freshman year I took Life 102 which is Biology. You have to take Chem 107 which is kind of just and introduction to Chemistry and then Organic Chemistry, and then BMS which is Physiology. And then next year, I’ll
go more into Biochemistry and then it’s mostly just FSHN, all kind of nutrition
classes, higher level. To be successful in the field,
cause it’s really competitive is you have to have a lot of experience in kind of those things I talked about, volunteering, getting involved in clubs. And I think too, kind of networking and connecting with people
in your major, or dieticians, just looking ahead rather than kind of being in the course work you are now. Just really looking at
the big realm of things and trying to really be successful at working towards that end goal. But I would also say to just
like, for incoming students, just to make sure to find balance, cause sometimes the coursework is hard. But just to make time to
laugh, go to Old Town, make time for friends and really enjoy the college experience. My name is Makenzie Burgess, and I’m a food science and human nutrition major.