that’s how you pick up girls at the gym right there strongman is the classic test for people to find out really who the strongest person in the world is we pull planes we pick up cars huge Atlas stones my body is a machine it’s a vessel for work if you want your car to run well you put good fuel in it same with your body [Music] I have six meals a day if I don’t eat enough I get shaky I get headaches you know my body is running on a level now where it’s used to having good fuel so I cut that supply off and my body just revolts I can eat this by myself easy I travel around the world and lift up heavy weird objects and that’s that’s my job you know an average day will do yoke walks keg toss you know tire flips and hatless stones and basically anything gritty and hard heavy weird stuff around the gym the yard the house the barn you know we pick it up we’ll move it around and see if we can alright this time right here this is 1,200 pounds honestly it’s a brutal tire we call it bubbles because we like to have like a sweet name for such a torture device right here and I mean I’m six eight four hundred pounds and it makes me look small I am by far the strongest man on the west coast by far there’s no competition technically at the moment right now I’m second in America although I am working my ass off to take first place I am the American record holder in the mob press overhead and that is that four hundred and fifty five pounds I can do a lot more actually but I just haven’t had to do it in the show this is basically what I’ve learned since I’ve been in this house this I got in Washington this was given to me in Russia and this right here this is from China yeah yeah I write before I just got done eating a cup and a half of rice and a bunch of me Tommy doesn’t eat though Tommy’s got the spelt it so like he tries to keep the figure I think he starves himself and then he eats right after he works out but they need pukes right after eat it looks great on him though I mean show him your abs Tommy go show me of I’ll compare my New York I’m good I see if I have the evening routine you did I might look a little bit better I’m gonna I’m gonna try it though when you go to the gym and your body’s fueled up on good foods with nutrients and protein when you get to the point in your workout where you’re working hard you’re hitting the last reps you’re burnt out there’s something else and they’re driving you instead of reaching down and there’s nothing there you’ve got some power left all right it’s time to go eat a normal trip to the grocery store I’ll go through and I’ll get my vegetables spinach is my favorite green if it worked for Popeye I could work for strongman I’m stocking up on rice this bag right here probably last me about a week you know if that that’s fighting me right there but it’s all good that’s the shape of Miley Cyrus’s but it goes down like this perfect if you can go like that that’s her music video on a typical day I’ll consume anywhere between 15 and 20,000 calories all right eggs like this right here will last me a day normally I eat eight to ten eggs for breakfast I eat boiled eggs for snacks throughout the day so lots of eggs running out of room you gotta get a ton of meats I’ll do two of these for one lunch for these I’m gonna take all of their pork oh this Turkey this one will be my meat for the day basically cleaning out the meat section everything’s good yeah I think I took lower your meat over here I get people asking me for pictures a lot apparently I’m kind of like the town sideshow you all might put you on my shoulders yeah all right so I’m just gonna pick you up all right ready no no I get paid to be the freakshow I’m fine with that as long as I’m getting paid but it’s when people want to throw peanuts at me then I’m like yeah I’ll be the freakshow of money in my opinion it’s just as hard to maintain a healthy diet as it is to compete in the strong man and strong man you’ve got to train your body you’ve got to be physically strong and you’ve got to work for that but it with your diet you’ve got to be mentally strong for me to change over to eating plain clean food to basically trick myself into being happy with the ways that I eat it took some work in doing yeah I really [Laughter] respectable car you know a lot of times I’m spending some 100 bucks fifty dollars I guess is what it takes though tonight will the femen’s gonna get together we’re gonna make my pasta to shoot it’s got you two different types of noodles two sauces – two salsas then sausage and your beef and that’s a pretty good meal I think I’m a great cook I’ve been making this dish myself for a long time my dad made it when I was a kid and his dad made it for him know it seems like every time the recipe gets passed down to a new generation it changes a little bit so now we’re grilling got our sausage going got our beef going we are rocking and rolling the true tradition of the pasta is not the food it’s the gathering of people every single thing that we’re doing here today we do all the time so Amanda does the bread everyone else is on dessert except for Wendy it makes the really good drinks this has been done since before I was born yes so everyone’s kind of like perfected their art and we bring it all together and that’s how we mash up the food it’s the family getting together and being together that’s the whole tradition this is my heart right here here you go you guys your mama when I compete and uh like don’t watch film and stuff Emily sends me videotapes of the baby watching the TV screaming go Bobby go Bobby you know because to them I’m Uncle Bobby Tom kiss-off food the bad part about cooking with a giant beard and no net is that sometimes you get hair in the water smells so good I love the smell of sausage while it’s cooking you know the best smelling meat there is you know I’ve got to taste good and it’s got to have a high property of protein this is a really good meal for a strong man so you know the fact that it tastes good makes it just super food for me it doesn’t actually know this but he eats about seven meals a day cookie gets up in the middle of night and has a snack my wife she’ll eat about 3/4 of a pound of meat a day I’ll weep three and a half pounds basically exactly what he eats I just eat a lot less so I mean he just eats way too many calories and too much food for me so I just I eat like a quarter of what he eats in a day an average person could definitely eat like this but then they wouldn’t be an average person for very long you’re gonna be super chunk you know do the truffle shuffle or buy yourself at the house my dad’s gonna be like why do you have two different noodles in there well you know you’re gonna have to do this you know you got to do that yeah dad I know wait till he sees this I’ll have a couple phone calls say you know you didn’t cook there nice and greasy I’m not sure if we’re gonna have enough room in this pot right yeah we might have to pull some MacGyver stuff hey windy is there anything bigger than that okay she wanted to make me look foolish on film as best she could and now that she has succeeded we’ve got the bigger plot this is a strongman pot right there that is perfect there we go now all that’s left is to add the sauces it looks pretty much done all right everybody let’s see this right here Shawn looks like her right there yeah Bella that was Shawn six months ago six months ago they grew this bid and now look at him [Music] he’s not very good at cooking like he can’t even pull off posture Oni so I’m good for you I’m kind of impressed with this he did brown the he did a black in the sauce it’s delicious so just add a nice hard workout get a bunch of good meats good carbs right here eat this down so nice and good taking a nap wake up feel like Superman this is super food for Superman [Music]