okay well there’s that hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel I am going to do my first ever workout video with you guys today it’s
been so requested especially on Instagram stories you guys want to know
how I try to stay in shape now that I’m a mom I’m a very very busy mom so I’m
going to show you a couple of exercises that you can do with a stroller and
obviously you’re not a mom you can do these two without Schuler alright my
first exercise is something that you probably have done a million times and
if you’re like me and you played sports in high school you hate them it’s lunges
and the way that I do it with the stroller the form isn’t gonna be your
perfect lunge form but you get the idea because you’ve got to hold the hold the
stroller to make sure baby doesn’t roll off obviously but all I do is line up my
feet and then push a little bit and lunge then up push a little bit and
lunge it’s like basically walking lunges and after about I don’t know six you
start to really feel that burn for me I feel it in the front of my thighs and in
my butt also the thing that not always harps on
me about is to lead with your heel with lunges alright so the next exercise is
another one that you’re well familiar with squats so what I do is I first put
the stroller in lock so that she can’t move and this is why I love this
stroller so much and I like it better than our we had a jogging stroller and I
like this better but see how you can move the bar to whatever position you
want and it locks I like that a lot because it kind of becomes your ballet
bar so anyways I want to have it at an angle like it’s my ballet bar and I’m
gonna do some wide leg squats and the thing that I’m doing is I’m actually
trying to maintain good posture and hold my abs in so that I’m working those as
well and I’m just gonna go down and up actually need to get back a little bit
more and I’m just using the bar for balance obviously so for squats I like
to do 10 10 reps feet down
or I’m sorry heels down and then when I’m done I like to raise one foot jus
not tippy-toes but on my toes and then do 10 more because it works at different
positions in your legs after I do 10 of these that foot goes down the next one
goes up 10 of these after doing with that then I’m on both toes this is kind
of like calf raises and squats in one and talked about your leg shaking oh my
gosh it’s a great workout and while you’re here you could actually do some
calf raises if your baby’s gonna cooperate you know I like to do the one
foot behind and just do the calf raises I talked about this recently in my how
to make your what was it it was seven hacks to make your legs look great for
summers calf raises and I feel like calf raises are the easiest workout and
they’re so good for like shaping your calf muscles and making them look really
pretty obviously this is the best to do on stair where your your heels kind of
hanging off the edge of the stair but if you don’t have one the standings just as
it does just as good okay so while we’re on the topic of talking about the
handlebar I want to tell you about the stroller because I know I’m gonna get a
bunch of questions about it because I always do I’ve had probably six
strollers like I said one of which is a jogging stroller but this one I really
like for walking out and about everyday use this one is called the Mockingbird
you can see it right there and the reason I like it is because it’s so easy
to use the break is just a quick kick up and down whereas I’ve had strollers that
the break when you click it it’s so hard to release this one is not like that I
like that this like I showed you moves up and down it’s so easy and then also
this is really easy to move her back and up if she wants to lay down and take a
nap which my UPPAbaby Vista which we love our up a baby it does not do that
it does not give the option of laying her back and that’s
one thing that I really wish that it did do another thing that this does is it’s
easy to pop this out so she can lay her legs out yeah you like it and this is
really nice it’s got the vent up here but the thing that this is that makes
the Mockingbird really cool is that this unzips and she can get double air as
we’re walking and I think that’s really just a really unique feature that I
haven’t seen on any other strollers and there’s lots of storage there’s a cell
phone holder and then the basket is huge this isn’t sponsored by the way this is
just a stroller that we’re really loving it was sent to us here in Ohio and we’ve
been using it and my mom takes her for a walk like I would have say three miles
or four miles every day to go for a walk and she loves this stroller so much and
I do too okay for this one we want to make sure we’re in lock again I’m going
to be raising it up a little bit and again you want to make sure that you’re
really tightening your abs and have a good posture which means pushing your
chest out shoulders back because if you’re not working all the muscles
you’re not you’re kind of like cheating and not giving yourself the full workout
they can be getting but anyways this is going to be standing leg lifts so we’re
standing up abs are tight and then tightening your butt as you go up I do
10 on each side take a break 10 reps on each side take a break 10 reps on each
side so it’s 30 reps total but tighten your stomach the whole time and your
butt and holy cow girlfriend you will feel it so that’s the right leg
and go to the left and again tighten the ABS tighten the butt up touch can you
take don’t take your shoes off and this is what working out with the
baby is like you lose count a million times because you got to do things like
six shoes and refresh snacks and take things out of their mouths that it
should not be in their mouth all right so those were my four workout ideas when
you have a little one and a stroller and some beautiful weather like this if you
want to see more videos for me you know with stroller exercises there maybe even
just simple routine my simple ten minute routine that I do at home then let me
know in the comments below otherwise I’ll catch you next week because I have
a new video here every Monday and thank you guys so much for watching or what