The first stretch you will be doing is a neck extension and neck flexion Most of these stretches will be held for five seconds in this video But while you’re doing this on your own feel free to hold them from anywhere 5-30 seconds Anywhere much past 30 seconds can start to become detrimental to the muscle and overstretch The next stretch is going to be shoulder rolls these help loosen up the neck and shoulders so that way If you’re sitting at the desk all day there’s not so much tension We’ll do a few forward and then we’ll go onto doing a few backwards Next we’ll move into shoulder shrugs these will be held up for 5 seconds and then drop for 5 seconds And then we’ll repeat that right away for 5 more seconds and then drop for 5 seconds This can be done as a progressive muscle relaxation technique for your first hold it’s as hard as you can And then the other two holds are about 50% and the other hold is about 10% Now we’re moving into a back and chest stretch Stretching like this will help open up your chest and loosen some of the tension in your back While you’re doing this remember to keep breathing just a big inhale through the mouth and a nice slow exhale Our next stretch is going to help stretch out the forearm For this stretch if you can’t reach all the way or bend your arm all the way back just go as far as comfortable We never want to aim for pain while we are stretching, if you feel any pain either less your range of motion Or just adapt the stretch to make it comfortable for you Now we are going to do some arm crossovers For these stretches range of motion is a huge deal, but if you aren’t comfortable reaching across your body You can come halfway, you can even just stick your arm out and pull a little Your arm doesn’t have to go all the way under your other arm You can simply just grab your elbow with your hand if that’s easier And now we’re doing some stretches that’ll help even more loosen up the arms and the shoulders These ones if you aren’t comfortable going up all the way over your head you can keep your arm across your chest And push up your elbows that way Now we’re going to be doing stretches using a chair and then also if you don’t have a chair you can use a wall These are simple, the more you want to stretch out the harder you push against your chair or the wall Now these are some simple stretches you can do with a chair You can be at your desk with a chair, with a bench Our first stretch is a simple leg crossover This stretch will help stretch out the hips so that way you’re more comfortable while you’re sitting at work And now this stretch will help loosen up those hamstrings So this one if you can’t get all the way down to your toes no big deal you can just go down as far as you’re comfortable Remember to keep breathing while you’re doing all of these stretches Breathing will help reduce some stress and make the stretch more comfortable Thank you for watching our video And please remember to stay healthy If you have anymore questions you can email us at [email protected] That’s [email protected]