hey guys it's Olivia today I'm going to show you a three to four minute stretch routine that will help make you taller I recommend doing this routine twice a day once when you wake up and once before you go to bed now of course this is only one factor in many that makes you grow taller you also need to be exercising eating right and getting lots of sleep just a little background on how stretching meets you taller our backs are actually compressed because of gravity and so what stretching does is it kind of lengthens your back and gives you back that inch or two that gravity has compressed I'm currently five six and a half and I think part of the reason I'm taller and the average height of all the women in my family and I think it's definitely because I've been stretching I was a lot taller than my younger sister who is still growing right now but she just isn't as tall as me and I definitely think it's because I started stretching from a young age my mom even think so too that I definitely got an extra inch or two from stretching especially if you're still growing stretching will definitely have an impact on your height this video will work if you're done growing because of that whole compression thing we're gonna start by clasping our hands and swaying side to side [Applause] now keep your legs straight and try to slide your hands down the back of your legs as far as you can come on up and slide back down for this next one we're gonna raise our heels off the ground and reach to the sky as if someone is picking you up off the ground I was able to get a better stretch when I clasped my hands together when reaching to the sky now try to touch your hands to the ground come on up clasp your hands and lean forward again finished let's begin stretching our right arm / shoulder switch sides sit and straddle and if you can't grab your feet disregard this message flex your foot and grab it then begin to point your foot while still grabbing it this will serve as an extra stretch for the side of your torso switch sides next you're going to try to touch your toes or even hug your legs dun flip over and let's hold the seal stretch when doing it don't just tilt your head back but instead push your body upwards and backward time's up push up into downward dog and let's hold it here for 10 seconds [Applause] now walk your feet up and back down to downward dog up finished now we're going to hold this bridge and make sure your knees are directly above your ankles it can be pretty easy for your knees to slip past your ankles so just watch out for that come on up and let's do a right lunge remember to be pushing past your limits if you don't feel stretch then you won't progress switch sides done now head over to a wall and I want you to grab as far up the wall as you can and then just kind of hang there even bend your legs attach so you can really feel that pulling on your torso switch sides great job you're done with this routine see you tonight or tomorrow or morning or whenever you choose to do this routine again have a good day or night bye guys