Everyone’s life contains stress. Some people can handle more stress than others. Think of it like you have a bag to carry your stress in. Some people have a bigger bag and can handle more stress. Lots of different factors can fill up your bag, increasing your stress levels. Some come from relationships including family, friends, and boyfriends or girlfriends. social media can be a factor too Some are personal to you and your view of the world. Which might include body image, lack of confidence and feeling awkward socially. Some are external factors, such as media pressure, job pressure and exam stress. A lot of small factors can fill up your bag just as quickly as one big factor. Either way, if your bag overflows then you feel the side effects of stress, which can be feeling angry, sad, depressed, miserable and generally unhappy. To stay healthy you need to stop your bag overflowing, and to learn to cope when it does. Fortunately some things help to empty your bag, so that it doesn’t overflow. Things like exercise, being creative, eating and sleeping well help. Having fun and talking with friends also helps to stop it overflowing. Make a list of the things that work for you. Things like Drugs and Alcohol and even
self-harm might seem to help short term, but long-term they make things worse. Has a friend ever gone ballistic at you over the tiniest thing? Maybe their bag was already full to bursting? and one more tiny factor sent them over the edge. It happens to us all sometimes, so don’t get angry, and try to help them get rid of some stress from their bag by doing something positive. Your bag is constantly being filled from one factor or another. If you know what fills it, what empties it and how much it can carry, you can manage your stress levels. and keep happy and healthy. When you are stressed, don’t be too tough on yourself remind yourself of your qualities and
that everyone gets stressed sometimes Have a look at your list and do something that you know will make you feel a little bit better. soon enough your bag will be balanced