if you like me your hobbies include lifting being shirtless catching a tan and showing off other hobbies include gigantism on sinking the Titanic reading to baby dear and being invincible and you're thinking to yourself how can I do all these at once it's a workout fucking Street workout admit it you've all seen those get our workout videos on YouTube and you've thought to yourself yeah I can be that cool but you're too afraid to hit the park because let's face it this is not where you parked your car lucky for me I don't have a car anymore but I do have with me a guest professor if you're looking for those sweet gains this is a really walk of the streets he's got your golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory come on boy you know what I mean my boy Kali muscle aka Malcolm flex get your jeans by any means necessary believe it or not not everybody is born with a gym membership kylie is an expert on street workout because in prison she only had two choices lift or die the hardest true is to ever had to make was gold or powerhouse and you chose both Kali is going through physically and emotionally beat me down with his Street workout to do this come on like you in prison if somebody's ass I got some special for you it's called the hyphy mud watching fears there you go watch out bro yeah come on what you got with these come on laughs any class there you go yeah first thing we're going to do is garbage bag crow now this is a great way to get intimate with your gym but it's an even better way to trash your biceps there you go come on taking out the trash there you go come on dawn how many is that I lost count okay this way there you go he works biceps I work the core now this may be a prison workout but the worst crime you can commit it's not hitting your tries after your buys now we're gonna do some garbage bag tricep extensions try and stop me when you try god you're gonna get act like you fight me Doughboy just give it I come we've hit buys and tries now we're gonna hit our egos muscle ups this exercise is all about telling the world you're better than that there we go big mile campus 2:34 unaware that has the t-scores sweet you mean up by there you go we had a good sweet workout we pumped up we've been slapped and it's summertime so now we're gonna do a little bit of cardio or as I like to call it hearty Oh what do you got for us Kylie beer coming oh no way is it the fucking t-rex you're not pass it off I'm right please subscribe to my YouTube channel and definitely subscribe to Kali muscle