when you it is very important for any for anyone that’s basically what you’re feeling your body and we just want to give it the best of the best depending on what the intake is that’s how your body’s going to perform and the way I see it is my body is a top-level machine and I have to take care of it and feeding it the right way that way you can perform at the highest level you know and always finish strong my name is Jesse bargain I’m also a fighter 147 pounds I’m the super lightweight WBA world champion not fighting for the WBO welterweight championship and my opponent is Timothy Bradley and beating and name like Timothy Bradley cool technique gonna love and be considered of one of the top water weight champion I was born in Los Angeles California I moved out to see Las Vegas when I was about five six years old I was always very energetic my father like for me to be involved in sports just to keep me occupied soccer football basketball karate and then I got introduced to box and I loved it you know you get hit once and you everything you have the control you hit them back and move out the way you come back when you want you know it’s just one-on-one action you’re in full control no matter what so that’s the reason why I just I love boxing you know the first day that I was in I just it was my sport and now we’re here fighting for the WBO welterweight championship and that’s what I’ve dreamed of since then and all that use on a glove ha ha in my family in my household thankfully thankfully food has always been Thursday and thankful thank God and they make delicious meals I’m lucky unless this is repeated by my bitch he’s like this bitch why am i I’m always on when he’s and come I cooked like twice a week and that’s what I do you know I held him with the food it’s my job the rest my my wife doing I see his weight his weight is a 1 P 2 pi so that’s good I’m happy I think we have a lighter nine years old he started go to the gym I tried to be a little to him via here soccer player I even like it it’s all measured yeah I mean right now a few pounds over so this won’t keep me down doing training camp um we already healthy you know it’s actually take something interesting you know I start training camp just like the whole family switches all their diet now if I were to eat this quickly I would drop weight easily but I would feel really light like I’d be in the ring and I feel like I could float like a butterfly sting like a bee I was scared my room and whenever I’m not fighting every now and then I’m not doing anything so you know I’m gonna check my weight and I could commune shake this is gonna be funny but I have to look this my girlfriend you know I got to keep my look so I almost at a good weight you know and and that had a large part with it I wanted to to to keep my figure we are in Mount Charleston about the reason we’re up here is because of the high altitude it’s always very beneficial to train at high altitude you know and once you get down to sea level it’s it’s no comparison that’s really the point we’re here we want to be the best fighter out there and for that we need to continue to study our craft when you get better every single day and mentally you’re just thinking boxing boxing boxing for two months another beautiful day typical training soon as we get up you know what awaits you you know that it’s gonna be a hard day at the half-mile mark yeah I’m gonna I’ll wave at you honk get you whatever and then you pick it up a little bit okay right after stretching out you’re gonna run for a couple hours pretty much mana see it’s a nice lazy train it’s like splitting just to get away to me it’s like vacations as soon as you get out and explore than you just automatically just calms you down and you can just sit down anywhere you focus think about your goals think about what you want to accomplish this is the best place to be so somebody will set us up we got yellow omelette toast if you wanted he’s have an omelette veggie omelet with a little bit of ham he’s a light eater sometimes Nissa he’s hungrier and uh different days but today you know he ran good feels good and you know just a light little meal he’ll eat again for the first training session this afternoon you know my personal philosophy and diet nutrition for fighters is very delicate you know you definitely need balance you know fresh fruit fresh vegetables lean proteins you know in the right amount of carbs just mainly stay with the mat mate it was just a natural stay everything fresh you know whatever God gives us let’s eat that you know it’s all the fresh stuff that’s the best wedding we’ve been up here or is our second week we got one more week left and then after that we go down a lane and get ready for the weigh-in every fights important but this is one of the most important fights of his career it’s for the title we want to be successful we want to win and and this is this is what it takes to become victorious in every way time goes by so fast man especially up here most of the time exceeded where we’re feeling which is where we’re having a protein or carver we’re giving the body what it needs to perform well in the runs and then training in the gym Jesse needs to be at 147 pounds by contract if he fails to be at 147 Danvers penalties there’s fines and there’s cancellation fights things like that well the weigh-in process it’s it’s a very long process just mentally and physically you have to know what where your weight is in the beginning of camp not only that before say you’re 10 pounds over you have to make sure you know how much you’re losing every week and make sure that it’s coming off slowly but surely they have eight weeks 12 weeks sometimes longer to lose the weight sometimes that they don’t make it on time a fighters a fighter that’s all they do and they have to make that way to to fight and to feed their families sit and sin the life of a boxer lose weight when you come to the level that we’re not easy for any any fighting because you got dropped down to the lowest weight possible so you get to restrict yourself out up a lot of things fried chicken you know fried chicken that’s when they get to me so each other stay away from me you just want something you want anything that you haven’t had in the last two months which is either a pizza a chocolate bar a ice cream you basically want everything you won’t fit them your stomach it’s so small that I’ll I will have probably three bites from a pizza and up four or less than half a burger and I’m really feeling a little sick just because my body’s not used to it that’s when you know it’s that’s when you know it’s not the best food I believe I burn easily over you need a hammer involved to take five ten minutes work up a nice sweat I really in the boxing game ah my Erik Morales he’s alleged he just retired recently at tamago and he was known as one of the best you know and I brought him in as a trainer he has helped me progress as a fighter and everything’s been working out great la primera homos camuto con cecilio y tu vas a moon franco de repente a son más de otro tipo Engram en tow so I sold más de otra manera de element RC y notice to sino que este viernes team al simplemente diferente you know you have two trainers here trying to help out to build a champion here you got the old school new school you know the old school you got a man up and just train harder and harder and harder and you know sometimes they do starvation cut their foods off for a week or two and just ridiculous stories but it’s not healthy I don’t recommend that this farm process where that’s where we practice everything that we’ve been working on day-in day-out we practice certain punches and moves and we also practice moves from our opponents and we bring in professional boxers that are very similar in style to our opponent so baby let’s go baby right now Jesse you know decided not to not have any cameras any video rolling right now and you know this one of the most important part of training camp because of the sparring there’s a lot of at risk and too dangerous sport you you really wanted to hear that no one knows what your game plan is fine was very good Jesse’s looking good he’s looking sharp is fast strong I think for this weight is gonna be a good fight I look forward to seeing him become champion he’s the paint server space of a man he’s doing good he’s getting ready and we’re gonna see what we hoped all Jesse become a little champion pool for fresh eyes back back back to back see that’s reading betterment yeah you did a good job in thanks man yeah yeah you told me not to drink that water dude good nice okay wet socks what everything it’s not bedroom Oh it’ll play duel yeah no reason control and play that’s all wet clothes makeup I don’t recover nicely did you catch that Tara this Sisulu Flores a panic attack two weeks before the fight we already feel just anxious man to be in the rain get it over with mentally you’ve seen the fight over and over again although hard work has been put in now it’s just about maintaining dude if you lose foot lady on the corner we’re good we’re on track a good thing explode everything is everyone man yep I cut up an apple right before I came here putting ziplock bag a little bit of spicy powder that I like to include the Hispanic culture culture I mean we like that extra spice I prefer formulas a day but then again we train we train very hard so sometimes we don’t have that much time because you also have to give your body time for it to digest the foods sometimes just three or three and a half save but that’s where the fruits come in you know it’s always good to have a meal might have to workout just to keep your metabolism your going and speeding up I have this by the time I get home you know I’ll get hungry again and I’ll have a small meal once again I’m late everyone I’m very sorry we’re in Los Angeles right now and this is fight week were a couple days away we got the way in which is next you knows a lot of media stuff there’s a lot of public workouts and but the the most important thing my job is to make sure that is he’s right on wait on Friday night ah today Yetta Yetta omelet he uh some toast that’s coffee and you know he’s on wait he’s actually doing phenomenal so I’m excited for him and he’s actually trippin out himself so yeah I mean he’s uh he’s feeling really good I’m very strong I’m in a better mood today note I see everyone here report me I usually did the way no he won’t he won’t anything usually you know we just way into the wind and he might drink a little bit if he needs to but we’re right on wait so we just gotta wait after the way into to have our meal and I’m feeling great can’t wait we’re much closer now I’m comfortable I’m happy knowing that uh it’s only a few days away couple them anywhere we’re just anxious to be inside that ring and show all the hard work that we have put in ladies and gentlemen at this time we are going to weigh in our main event participants they will be competing in a scheduled 12 round contest and it will be for the interim WBO welterweight championship Oh little world typically if a fighter doesn’t make weight they just say a fighters off away a pound or two you know usually they start working out they’ll you know they don’t do a sauna or they’ll put on plastics and move around shadowbox and or sometimes they just go the restroom naturally you know sometimes they get told completely naked and usually by the taking off their underwear you know they’ll make weight but but we don’t have that problem with Jessica arias Jesse’s ways perfect he is undefeated with 26 wins 9.com by way of knockout ladies and gentlemen he is the current WBA super lightweight champion of the world jesse la nueva hana nación 146 boy boom one 46.4 ah de que tuvimos que para spur are a banana Puna pelea tienes que tener un gran equip UN Green equipo significa gente con conocimiento ammonia y la minima mentally dodd conversazione y union he stroked ready so todo su en este equipo para sus propias y tiene todo para very very focus with sy and he knows he wins his fight which he will he’s going to the top where am i gaining to win in this next fight I’d say everything you know this is what I’ve dreamed up you know that years old in 26 now I’ve had a lot of patience to bring it to this moment here you know day in day out I’ve dreamed of it I wanted it I first shoot it and now we’re here you know I just I just have to win and that’s going to take me that much closer to my ultimate goal and to realizing my dream