Hello! Dr. Urban here to discuss natural
weight loss foods and herbs and how they relate to the Dr. Stephen Gundry MD diet t First of all, I’m not a spokesman for Dr. Gundry and his diet as
detailed in his book “The Plant Paradox.” I am, however an enthusiastic successful
practitioner of the “Plant Paradox Diet” and its secrets. I am coming to you from
the background of having had a cardiac arrest whick left me with the subsequent
need over the years to find out how to live longer and healthier – a constant
pursuit. Nothing I say in this video contradicts the principles of “The Plant
Paradox”diet. When it comes to natural weight loss and herbs, there are many
good suggestions and I’ve tried many of them to include chromium, cinnamon, apple
cider vinegar, omega 3s etc. In turn and taken together, these natural foods
and herbs did not cause or bring about my desired weight loss. Nor did
they stop my progression from pre-diabetes to type-2 diabetes.
Ouch! But… the Gundry MD diet was the game-changer.
Why was that? What happened to me. “The Planet Paradox” diet contains the
unifying principle which is the secret to natural weight loss, chronic disease
avoidance and much more. It’s new knowledge.
What is this unifying principle? It is that you must first put your body into
balance with the proper diet as exemplified by
“The Plant Paradox” diet otherwise your current diet will continue to thwart
your efforts for better health through New Plant Paradox Diet For Natural Weight Loss ignorance, obstinence or lack of
discipline. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of applying the principles or
the unifying principle as found in “The Plant Paradox. There is a link to “The
Plant Paradox” diet in the description below this video.
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more health videos are coming. Use the unifying principle found in “The Plant
Paradox” diet for natural balanced weight loss, because we now know that most
chronic health problems and successful weight loss begin in the gut. Get “The
Plant Paradox” book. Discovered its secrets and how they are your key to permanent
natural weight loss and overall balanced health. Some of my related videos may be
found at guthealthmicrobiome.com with a link in the description below.
Best wishes, Doctor Urban This information is not intended to diagnose
or treat any disease.