step was first introduced into the fitness industry in about 1990 by a woman named Jen Miller Jin had injured her knee and was going through rehab as part of her rehab her therapist had her stepping up and down on a bench to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint with a little bit of creativity and a lot of ingenuity step reebok was born step has remained one of the most popular forms of fitness even today about 20 years later the beauty about step is it has its own special lingo each class that you enter will talk about specific steps on the bench so that when you go and travel from Club to club fitness center to fitness center you'll understand the movements we're going to go over those movements today so that you have a better understanding when you come into a step class for the first time it can be a little challenging to do so so with the remainder of our Clips learning the basic movements you will be much more comfortable in a step class