hey everybody it's Stephanie and I'm here to go over the six balance exercises you'll find on my latest workout plan over on the Fit RV website it's a printable which means you our viewers will have no problem printing it out sticking it in your glove box and pulling it out when you're on the road so why a balanced workout plan well balance is so important and yet it is the most neglected Fitness component there is and I think maybe the reason for that is we all like to kind of feel our fitness so when we're gonna dedicate the time to doing a workout we don't really want to do something that maybe doesn't feel like we're getting so much of a workout so in this plan I have come up with exercises will that are kind of strength and flexibility so you're going to feel this workout it's not just standing on one foot kind of balance you're going to get a workout as well you're even gonna get your heart rate up so let's go over safety first first off if your balance compromised make this non-negotiable that you will use a wall for all of these exercises second thing I want to go over is the surface so you want a flat clear safe surface to practice balance on regular grass a side hill you don't need that I want you to find somewhere safe to do these exercises and I've got astroturf so it's flat should be interesting and if I fall it won't hurt as much I guess and other than that I'm gonna give you different versions different levels of each of the six exercises because fits every exercise you can do hundreds of different versions but I want to make sure you beginners have a place to start and you advanced feel challenged too so with that let's go over these six exercises and a bunch of options for each so come on let's go