Hi everybody I’m Wayne Lambert, the owner
of and lead consultant with Lambert. This particular video is about ‘where you are
on your corporate wellness journey?’ Everybody’s journey has to start
somewhere, but related to workplace wellness most of the time it’s about ‘who
to work with and why? The question is: are you a business owner? and are you frustrated
with poor engagement, low productivity levels, staff retention and rising
absenteeism? do you find it challenging to motivate people through hard times,
motivating people through retention and development? would you like our help with
employee engagement, absenteeism to improve productivity, staff recruitment and
retention? – all those areas of concern. If so, our workplace wellness programs drive
employer-employee interaction, they also integrate wellness into the culture of
your workforce. I’m going to read you some feedback from just one of our happy
clients. ”Before working with LAMBERT we had no structured wellness program, just
a desire to do more. Wayne worked tirelessly with us to create a program that is
practical and accessible and integrated into the
very culture of the organisation. It’s been a tough path to follow, but
everyone has benefited and has: less stress, healthier habits and improved
productivity. Many challenges to overcome, but now we offer our employees the
support they need – and provide the most health conscious work environment
possible. I have no hesitation in recommending
LAMBERT to any organisation that is thinking of implementing a wellness
program.” Now that’s great, we were/are very grateful for feedback from all of our programs. The question is, ”why choose me, why choose
my company.” In short, I have experience as a health and wellbeing consultant, with
the UAE and UK government’s these were/ are our biggest projects. Previously responsible for successfully
strategising, implementing, managing and overseeing the first-ever intake of the
Emirates national conscription program. In effect, i was responsible for the wellbeing of
over 22,000 individuals. Additionally, my past – before this time was spent 13 years as a Royal
Marines commando, Royal Marines physical training instructor and Royal Marines rehabilitation specialist. All with the state of mind given to all commandos
before they start, in order to ready themselves for the hard work and
dedication ahead. So assuming you are looking for someone
to challenge the norm, and get things done, hopefully you would want to hire a
consultant, with a business that exemplifies all these traits… and more. If
the answer is yes, then book your strategy call now by emailing [email protected]
wellbeing.com. All it costs is £99 for anything from 15mins up to 1hour on a strategy call. Many thanks for listening.