We are the best! We are the worst! We are… Oedo Tai! Let’s move onto the next topic. Prime Minister Kagetsu loves AZM too much, part II! (AZM is helping out with the recording)
– Whoa, you were here? What are you doing? I was wondering
why you were looking at this camera the whole time! I’m very excited. Say what? – This is scary.
– Yep. But actually, at the end of June, I had a birthday event. (Prime Minister Kagetsu’s “Birthday Festival” in Tokyo on June 25th) AZM came. Right? How was it? I got 50,000 yen for the hour. Thank you very much.
– 50,000 yen. I’m getting 50,000 yen for this too. For this thing today? She earned 100,000 yen? Like taking candy from a baby… She has a sugar Kage. AZM’s sugar daddy is here. Sugar daddy? Don’t you mean her sugar mama? – Sugar mama, right.
– Her Sugar Kage. I mean, we don’t have any issues with who Kagetsu is crazy about. For us, it’s fine. But for Hazuki… That’s right. That’s what we’re a little worried about. It’s fine. We’re fam. What did you just say? Family. What? Who do you mean? We’re all a family. Yeah, _Oedo Tai_ is a family. – AZM is part of the family.
– The hell she is. What’d you just say?
– Huh? I’m the one who should be saying “Huh?” What’d you say? – (mouthing the words) This is bad.
– You should speak clearly. Hmm? Let’s all get along. What’d you say? – Let’s all get along.
– Mhm. This situation has gotten out of hand, so… can we move to the next topic? Let’s wrap it up with a punchline at least… On the next Oedo Diet: What Did Sumire Natsu Have Plastic Surgery On?