We are the best! We are the worst! We are… Oedo Tai! Moving onto the next topic. Let’s discuss how Natsuko has gotten more feminine! – Yay!
– What happened? What happened? What happened? We don’t know! You normally don’t show your shoulders. Yeah, what happened? You’re giving off crazy pheromones. Um, the last time we did an Oedo Diet, you guys told me, “You’re getting more feminine,” and I figured that you were going to bring the topic up again during this Oedo Diet, so I specifically bought this outfit to wear. Stand up. Stand up. Show everyone your fashion. – Ah, so you wanted us to bring it up.
– Yeah, I did. Amazing. Come on, go up front. – You’ve gotten more feminine.
– It’s like you’re going to a matchmaking party. – Wow.
– That walk, though… – My walk?
– Your walk! – Go back and do it again.
– You look gorgeous. Ready, go. (everyone singing “Hot Stuff”) (Andras keeps on singing) OK, that’s enough… (Andras keeps on singing) – Amazing.
– So what happened? There hasn’t been any change in particular. No, there has to have been something. There hasn’t been anything, really. When a woman gets more feminine, it means something has changed. That’s what it means. Seriously, nothing’s changed. There’s no way that _nothing_ has changed. Well… since I became a member of Oedo Tai, the number of events and things like that, where I have to be in front of fans in regular clothes, has really increased. I used to always wear sweatshirts, but I can’t wear them to events, so I think that’s why I have more clothes now. And there’s the fact that now I spend more time looking at myself wearing decent outfits. Maybe that’s what led to me becoming more feminine. I’ve developed a bit more awareness. Compared to before, you’re more conscious of how you look, then? I think about it more, yeah. – So that’s why.
– That’s great. I think it’s a good thing. The other day, you were straightening your hair before you went out to wrestle. Before your match, you were off by the side of the entranceway the whole time, using a hair iron. Yeah, I did that. Right up until you had to wrestle? We have video. – What are you _doing_?
– No, you’ve got it all wrong. Straightening your hair right before your match? I’m shocked.
– All of the outlets in the dressing room were being used. The only outlet that I could use was by the entranceway, so I was sitting there in the dark by myself, using the hair iron. I wasn’t doing my hair right before my match or anything, though. I was just fixing it. How do you want to be seen? Do you want people to love you as Natsuko Tora, the woman, or as Natsuko Tora, the wrestler? How do I want to be loved? – As expected, Natsu says something cool.
– Well, which would you prefer? That was great. Let’s go with both. – “Let’s go with both.”
– You want it all. You greedy woman! Yeah, I’m a greedy woman. So what? On the next Oedo Diet:
Investigating Something About Hazuki