hello welcome to my stamina templayer building rotation video for the clockwork city patch very quickly I'm going to go with the armor that I will run currently I am a knight mother's gaze and twice fang snake however and trials this is not best in slot this is only good for solo and for men content as for my monster set there are actually two to three sets you can run valid ref is very good when you don't need sustained storm fists is very good when you're in fights that require a lot of stamina sustains such as the fourth and fifth boss and halls of fabrication and the mage and VA a hard mode the third option would be crags though however crags is only good when the group of time of the buffs are pretty well generally the only fight like that is fights where you had to split off so the second boss and pause the fabrication if you're not doing the stack and burn methods or the mage and the hardman mage that's also a decent place to run crags but I generally I wouldn't run crags now and trials there are 4 sets like 4 or 5 P sets that are worth running on an egg stand employer two of them are crafted Knight mothers gays and hunting's rage I will always run Knight mothers gays or hunting's on the dual wield bar so to Knight mothers or to hunting staggers +3 body pieces of knight mothers or hunting's then for the second five piece set there is war machine which is the better option it is higher single target for yourself when I hire a single target but higher self DPS and higher group dps running more machine the second option to replace war machine with would be otamatone s– otamatone z' i've heard there's also worth running on rakaat specifically but i've not actually done tests because i don't know TomTom's so again you want night mothers gays or hunting's on your door wield bar and then war machine or otamatone z' on jewelry and to bots now as for the abilities really only the back bar is important but here's a quick look at the front bar blood-crazed by the way jabs deadly cloak trap and flawless on breaker on the back bar this is where things can differ depending on what you're doing poison Jackson repentance folly vigor caltrops and then Crescent sweep Crescent sweep is only worth using if you're in war machine if you're not in war machine you want to use ballista however if you take a drink spear LT off that means that you lose the passive where you get critical damage while you have a nature experience lauded so if you take a drink spear alt off you lose this passive so you have to take off either repentance or vicar and put on blazing sphere or blazing shield they're up to you it's honestly negligible difference blazing spirit you wouldn't use too often you would only throw it if somebody like the tank needed this energy instantly so you could throw these for the healers wouldn't have to or a blazing shield if you want like a 6 to 7 K damage shield since you lose vigor this might help you stay alive but just for parsing purposes I'm going to use Crescent sleep even though it will be lower DPS than ballista since I'm not war machine now I'll quickly go over my understand I am using thief many people will question this however I have done multiple multiple tests over the last two patches between thief and warrior understand fire they both parse almost exactly the same but I have found thief to be a little bit more consistent I know that sounds strange but you can go do test yourself I promise you they will not parse differently at all thief is just more consistent for me so it's what I've stuck with for my champion points the champion points are pretty basic 56 bomb 56 precise strikes 18 piercing 56 mighty forty-four master-at-arms as for rats I run 61 ironclad 21 spell shield 49 elemental defender 43 Hardy 56 56 six gunned threes and I put one more percent into elemental defender and 21 points in the spell shield is because most of the one shots in this game that you take is a DPS or even the damage in general you take as the dps is spelled image same with ironclad I put more dire in cloud than thick-skinned because most of the damage you take that you really need to negate is direct damage this CP is pretty universal I run the CP and every single trouble I do and unless I really mess up myself I don't die so as for greens I put 40 in warlord because there are a lot of trials where you had to break free 75 and tenacity 75-minute mooncalf for sustain purposes and 40 into shadow wood because you never know when you have to block okay as for the rotation I start on my back bar and remember to light attack between every single ability you do I start with volley new couch ops when I bar high bar swap I immediately heavy attack into a blood-crazed light attack hard light heavy nice jobs like Laidback trap have you packed privately if I have Hall D I will ulti after my volley so now I will do the full rotation twice with now at full speed just so you can see what it looks like I lost this with the rotation in the description hey there was the fortification place except for I did a beach trap and then pack light at the end because I didn't want be strapped to sit there for 30 seconds and keep me in combat quickly I'm going to show you a trial fire so I'm waiting to get out of combat or I'm going to forget the button here is a trial parse that I did fairly recently fifty-seven point three K single target on filarial using the shirt ation with nobody and the group running night mothers gays here's the debuff list there's nobody at night mothers gays if somebody was the night mothers gays this would have been about a sixty point five K parse somewhere around there single target you can see with the rotation I can keep fairly high uptime on part of the light on a boss fight of course this is Valerio so another fights will go down a bit on ricotta it's roughly seventy five percent just to give you an estimate now here's four eight sail above dummy parse also one quick thing usually before I go into fights such any trial boss I always start with that the cloak before I run in because you don't want to run in and immediately get one shot by some random attack so another thing as if your stamina is high enough you can skip the heavy attack for your blood trace yeah use your alternate while you're working I only recommend doing that with your Sam that's about 50% I was there now not gonna miss I didn't apply pipe like currently actually that adds some DPS it keeps your ofttimes hider but it's at the cost of your sandwich I don't do that too often in trials and unless I am getting a lot of words and the killer's I had a lot of there we go that was a fully self buff parse of 38.3 casing will target this is towards the high end of the spectrum rather normal parse is around thirty seven point five to thirty eight the highest I've gotten solely buff is thirty eight point eight KS and they're all dot me quickly I forgot to mention something that was the traits of my weapons on my front bar I have an infused with a poison damage on your offhand them you can either run precise or sharpened with the weapon damage enchant they're both roughly the same even in trials the reason for this is because al kasha and crusher won't have a 100% uptime so sharp and dagger can actually sometimes increase your DPS over the precise one and a nirn honed or sharpened back barbell I personally recommend earned honed however I know some people have found more successful to sharpen bow on your bed bar you also run want to run double damage poisons the reason you want to run double damage poisons over an enchant such as disease is because if you look at my parse the poisons did one point one K and six hundred so the poison did about 1650 damage like sixteen eighty damage 1680 DPS if you were to use a disease enchant the DPS will only be roughly four to five hundred so these poisons are about 1100 to 1200 DPS increase over disease in jet so that's really all I can think about so if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment I hope I helped