hey everybody and welcome back to the channel you are checking out an updated stamina source for a PvP build for the elsewhere chapter if you are looking for a bill that is fast while also dishing out tons of burst damage and having great healing and survivability then the stamina sorcerer is definitely for you we'll go over all the basics you need to know to get started in cyrodiil or even no CP in battlegrounds so let's jump right into the build stamina sorcerer or elsewhere let's go all right everybody let's jump into the stats on the build quick disclaimer as usual I'm not fully min/max on this build quite yet things like gold gear gold glyphs and max level undaunted will obviously improve your stats so this is just kind of a baseline for this build I'm also in Serie Dell right now so my stats are slightly higher from my scroll bonus that I have active let me go ahead and buff up our offensive and defensive stats so looking at about 10,000 max Magica 23,000 max health 36,000 max stamina recoveries actually do go up with our potion here so sitting at 600 magical recovery 800 health recovery that does go up with troll King proc close to 4k health recovery when we're fully buffed their stamina recovery is looking good at 2000 weapon damage at our base with our rally buff for point 1k and then there is a berserker glyph on my back bar bow here so sitting more like 4.5 4.6 k weapon damage overall I'll talk a little bit how you can get that over 5k if you want about 45% weapon critical and our resistances do will go up with hurricane active make sure you always have that up about 25,000 spell and physical resist this is in medium armor currently 7 pieces of medium and almost 3k crit resist I'll go ahead and show you the stats for no CPM battlegrounds as well I went ahead and dropped my CP for that so you can just take a look at how that compares if you're interested and back to our CP campaign I have all my points in max stamina using the steed mundis personally I like this a lot for the extra speed on my stamps orc we already have 15% movement speed from hurricane with this will be at 25% minimum and then we also have access to major expedition from our bow bar so this build super fast super maneuverable the health recovery helps a lot with troll King so this is probably one of my favourite montes stones for a stamp sorcerer and then dupeys camera and throne is the food this just gives us a lot of access to max stamina and stamina recovery now potions I think I showed this earlier these are essence of weapon critical really important for the stamina sorcerer because we already get major brutality so we don't need that in a potion but we do need though is major savagery which is 10% extra weapon critical so you get that on this potion you also get the nice stem sustain and an extra bit of health it's almost like a mini burst heal off of this from the health part of the potion so I really like these definitely craft those it'll help out your build a lot and then for the race this has not changed in a while I still think orc is gonna be the best in slot race for a stamina source for a build in PvP and probably in PvE as well you've got the brawny passive gives you 2000 max stamina got unflinching rage gives you an extra 1000 max health also healing every four seconds really nice and then our weapon damage 258 just a passive boost to weapon damage this is great and then reduces the cost of sprint by 12% and increases movement speed while sprinting by 10% so like I said this build is fast now some other good choices nord would be another great choice because of the extra defensive passives there you'll get close to 30 K spell and physical resist if you're running a nord you'll also get extra generation so that would probably be a close second but if you're aiming for just pure burst damage pure weapon damage bill definitely you want an orc so let's jump into the gear sets next starting off with our first five piece set I went with fortified brass now this set just gives us a lot of really good stats especially for a medium armored build this booster resistance is super high and you end up with a really tanky build because you have max health here you have physical and spell resistance and then for the five piece almost 5k spell and physical resistance added on top of that so we're seeing a very comfortable 25,000 plus physical and spell resistance that's in seven pieces of medium armor using this set just makes you very survivable whether you're playing in CP campaign Cyrodiil or no CP and battlegrounds this set just really helps you to stay alive on this build it's crafted set very easy to get this and it's nice because you can craft your own weapons in whatever trait that you need so I decided to go for the great sword here on my two hand bar great sword does give you a little bit extra burst potential you can also use a mall that's very good especially if you're playing in battlegrounds the extra penetration from a mall will help out your damage quite a bit so you can decide what you want to go with there for the trait here you definitely want an urn hone this will give you the most weapon damage possible I also like the disease damage in chant this gives us a chance of defiling our target reducing their health recovery and it does put out a good bit of damage to especially if that happens to crit for the back bar we've got our fortified brass bow then we're using the infused trait here just to maximize our weapon damage off of that berserker glyph so this ends up being like over 500 weapon damage every 5 seconds you can proc this off cooldown so you always have that extra weapon damage up really nice if you have masters bow I don't necessarily recommend it on this build because you'll be dropping one of your five piece bonuses but we'll be switching targets a lot anyways so the masters bill won't be quite as effective and I'm also using three pieces on the body here so using the the belt and the legs and remember this is crafted so you can mix these pieces in with whatever pieces you have for your second five piece set speaking of that for our other five piece set I went ahead with the classic bone pie right here this just gives us a lot of Max stamina and recovery you can see the two piece max Aminah three piece dam recovery for peace stamina again and then five piece when we have a drink bonus active that's our dubious Cameron throne you get about 2k max Damona and a hundred fifty stamina recovery this is basically your go to set if you're building for weapon damage because what this does is it gives you really solid stats gives you a solid stamina pool and solid recovery and then you can switch out your jewelry traits for even more weapon damage which is what I've done here so I'm using two pieces of bone pirate on the body like I said you can farm this dungeon and just whatever pieces you get try to get impenetrable or well fitted and then you just mix that in with your crafted pieces of fortified brass if you are lucky you might have picked up some gold pieces of bone pirate jewelry these are great because you can transmute these two infused gives you 278 weapon damage which was translates to a ton of weapon damage overall so right now I have two infused pieces and just a regular robust all of these though are weapon damage has the enchantment now if you are playing in CP campaign especially and you have the transmute stones you can definitely transmute all three of these two infused that's another way you can get over a 5k weapon damage on the stand with sorcerers just have all of these maxed out with the infused trait also switching from the Steve Munoz to the warrior Mundus will give you a lot of extra weapon damage and then for our last setup here I'm just using troll King for the survivability for the health recovery so using a medium helm and a medium shoulders there of troll king like I said impenetrable or well fitted would be the best in slot traits for that since we are moving a lot and we're very fast we just have that passive health coming back to us so it really is good for surviving in PvP alright let's talk about the skills next a few changes here in how I built this character for PvP now I'm still using two hand and bow reverse slice here as our execute I still recommend this it does really nice upfront damage does a nice bit of splash damage as well so this is gonna be your killing blow most of the time and for our second skill here crit rush actually got an interesting buff I don't know if you would call it a buff but it it makes the play style possibilities on stamps orc definitely interesting so what I like about this is it does a good bit of physical damage does more damage based on the distance traveled and it's always a crit so that 6k tooltip unbuffed is really more like 10k or more the big change that went through with crit rush in the elsewhere chapter is this used to have a minimum of 5 meters range I believe so you could not cast this unless you were back 5 meters or more from the target now that minimum range is gone so this in effect is kind of like a spammable ability for the stamps orc stamps orc doesn't really have a good spammable but I think for PvP at least for this build in the way I've set it up with how fast it is and everything else it kind of works as a spammable and I like it it's actually pretty fun so yes it's still going to be the gap closer for the build but you can actually put in two or three of these to do some nice burst damage while you've got your dots ticking from your back bar and then go into either your Dawnbreaker of smiting or your reverse slice so the fact that it can be used in melee range the fact that it is always a crit I kind of like how it feels on the stamps orc so next up we've got streak and this is actually an offensive ability as well but you can use it for both offense and defense so what it does is it does shock damage AoE stuns the enemies around you and in your path and this now scales with our highest offensive stats so streak already did pretty good damage on a stem sorcerer before the elsewhere chapter but it does even more damage now you can use this as part of your burst combo now actually because it does a nice a OE damage same as reverse slice you can also use it defensively and I find myself using it defensively a little bit more just to get away from pressure get close to some line of sight get around the corner or something like that it's really good for that kind of play style now next up is bound armaments and this is kind of a flex pot but I really like this on the stamina sorcerer especially if you're more into no CP in battlegrounds and the reason why I like this is you get that eight percent extra max stamina which when you play no CP your stats are gonna be a bit lower so this really helps boost the stats to a good level now you can put other things here like I mentioned if you are having issues sustaining you can put dark deal here that's what I would prefer if you're in a CP campaign you're not really worried about your stats you could put something else here to do damage you could do cleave you could even do dizzy swing if you're still a fan of that skill I'm not liking it quite as much anymore so me personally I like the just passive here and we also get actually one more passive from Daedric summoning we get the Daedric protection passive here on our front bar from having bound armaments increases our health and stamina recovery by 20% so that's another really good reason to slot this here on the front bar next up forward momentum this is just our basically a little mini heal over time and then it removes all snares and mobilizations for 4 seconds also gives you that immunity for 4 seconds so before you close the gap on the target before you get offensive you definitely want to have your forward momentum active because that gives you that 4 second window where you cannot be snared you cannot be rooted so you really want to practice doing that before you gap close with crit rush and then finish with your ultimate or your reverse slice now speaking of that ultimate Dawnbreaker of smiting is what I'm using here on the front bar just classic burst ultimate this does great damage whether it's single target or AoE you have the nice stun there for 2 seconds I believe this hits even harder now in the elsewhere after I think you've got a little bit of a buff and stamina sorcerers are one of the best classes for this ability because you can see the cost there we have cost reduction passive so 107 ultimate is like almost nothing you'll have this up pretty quickly now for our back part which is the bow poison injection first skill this just does nice damage over time this ramps up based on the enemy's missing health so it does execute damage I also really like this on the buzzer Kerr in Shambo that we have so this is a very easy way to proc that 500 weapon damage just hit them with a poison injection and that'll keep that Berserker glyph going now draining shot is another kind of flex pot I like this though because it does a nice stun and knock-back also does pretty decent damage about 6k there and it does give you a nice burst heal as well as soon as they're done with a knock back so what you can do offensively is like we said start with poison injection to get your Berserker in champ rocked hit them with a draining shot to push them back give them a stun and then immediately bar swap crit rush into either your Don break or smiting or if they're low enough which they might be just go into reverse slice that's kind of the way the combo works and next up we got bigger for that heal over time very important that you hit this ability as soon as you start taking damage because it will heal heal you up over five seconds and we're just not to spam the still it is a little bit costly and it won't do you any good so then last we just have our two buffs here quick search on the back bar this gives us weapon damage major brutality which is the same as forward momentum so that is a little bit redundant but why we like this is every time we get a crit strike we heal for over 3,000 health and that can happen every one second so you have a nice bit of health coming in every one second really guys and then hurricane definitely a staple of the stamina source for a playstyle this gives you movement speed gives you a nice AoE damage over time it does get more damage the longer you have it up and then this is also our major ward and major resolve buff gives us that 50 to 80 armor and spell resistance and then for our ultimate here I still like the greater storm Atronach for the elsewhere chapter and again that has to do with that Daedric summoning passive so really the only way you can get this on the back bar unless you double slap bound armaments which I gets I guess you could but the way I have this is I have the Atronach there just so I can get that Daedric protection passive on my back bar I especially want the health recovery there because when I have troll king going and when I have my vigor going the heels are just amazing on this build so I like this here if you have access you can also do this in order undo ultimate here that would give you some minor protection on the back bar which would be nice you could also use both ultimate if you want for some more burst potential on the back bar whatever you like here so let's go over the passives next because there are a few things that you can probably save skill points on if you want definitely want the first one here on holy knowledge gives you cost reduction really nice blood magic I don't think we're using any dark magic skills though so you could probably avoid this one if you need the skill points persistence is okay it gives you a little bit of cost reduction when you block and then exploitation don't need this one really either you could save some support some skill points there if you are playing stamps orc Daedric summoning as well a lot of these are pet related so I don't pick these on any stamps or build you definitely want power stone though this is what brings our Dawnbreaker cost way down and we talked about Daedric protection already you want that active on both bars if you can storm calling these are really good though capacitor you want that magical recovery for our magic abilities you want energized for the extra physical damage you want amplitude just for the extra damage at max health and expert mage gives you a good bit of weapon damage there for our abilities you want everything and two-handed obviously you want everything in bow and doing full medium armor right now seven pieces of medium so I drop the sneak I don't really use that on this build if you are running heavy and light one of each of those you can get those paths if you're doing like five medium to heavy then this is even more important you want to grab the first three from heavy armored fighters guild you want all of these except for bounty hunter you don't need intimidating presence either but these are really good so you'll get extra weapon damage on your front bar from Dawnbreaker get extra ultimate when you kill undead and then this actually buffs your Dawnbreaker tooltip so don't forget to miss that one skilled tracker undaunted grab your undaunted passives if you have access to those ones result you'll want combat frenzy for the extra old Jen always grab your racial passives and then always always unlock medicinal unuse super important on this build because we want those potions active as long as possible so just to review champion points here this is what I recommend on the build at least if you are gonna jump into a CP campaign most of you guys know I play battlegrounds a lot more so I'm not the CP expert but this is what I would recommend I think it would work pretty well 44 into warlord 35 sprinter 27 tenacity you can do heavy attacks with your bow and get some sustain 27 into healthy this is going to help with our troll king procs 32 arcanist for that magical recovery 64 into mooncalf 23 shadow ward 18 into tumbling in the blue tree we got 19 blessed 35 physical weapon expert 61 mastery arms 37 thaumaturge 23 precise strikes 46 into piercing 49 mighty in the red tree 61 ironclad 62 resistant 43 into hardy elemental defender 34 thick skinned and at 27 into quick recovery all right everybody that's gonna wrap up this stamina source for a PvP build updated for the elsewhere chapter this build has been a blast to play this week and I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did as always don't forget to crush that like button leave a comment for me as well I would greatly appreciate it I'm actually curious what you guys think of PvP now in the elsewhere chapter let me know what you guys think in the comments below and if you have any suggestions about new build videos you'd like to see or guides showing up on the channel let me know and I'll do my best to start working on those too so until then thank you all so much for watching and I will see you around in the next video thanks