hello – Nora I've been studying on stamina for six months we play a lot of games I prefer talking games intermedia and watching movies with English subtitles so if you like this come here hi my name is Ian hi hi my name is Martin I am studying instantly a horse's mouth I learn a lot of new things and I am better English than I was before coming here it's the food school I think we play a lot of games and learn new things and these teachers are hi my name is kaya and I'm studying here what did you learn so Ben C's I like this freedom here features and games my classmates hi my name is Sarah I am 20 years old I never been studying for nine months I also work a birdie I met hero people was it a good experience yeah learning experience hi my name is Twiggy Malaika I started studied on stamina from February and I have to say it's good experience because a lot of new things my grammar is on higher level and I'm very happy that I'm staying here and if you don't know very what study came here came come here to stamina it's a good choice I was thinking you know what summer means right my name's Jenna I'm 19 years old and I have been studying standing up for a month how was your day my day was okay and I like that I'm learning new things here the people it brings me my day and I drank it yeah do you know what Tamara is its don't mentally it's a mess and yours I think it is from games so you have any Ally so your power hello my name is Tomas ánotá I played football for ever to the players I am studying at stamina for one year and I better speak English then here I go before I am coming to some stamina and if you don't know what will study after prom your place is here I would G shower stamina yes the better than staying home and doing nothing I love it here it's amazing