what's up guys agent here again leather bill the video and today we're gonna be going over the stamina knife blade so the stamina night blade still remains as the top DPS speck in the game right now that's out of all the magicka DPS and all the other stamina DPS classes combined with they're really powerful execute with killers blade along with their very great sustain light blades pretty much ruled a pack when it comes to DPS and that hasn't changed in Wrath stone while magicka DPS to match tonight blade in particular has gotten a little bit closer stamina night blade still lead the pack by a not a not as large of a margin as it has in the past but it's definitely still a noticeable margin to the point where a lot of those score pushing guilds will try to run as many stamina plates as they possibly can in order to get that additional DPS so like the rest of our build videos will be going over our gear our skills attributes everything you need to know to basically recreate this build yourself we can go over our gear and we will go over kind of some additional sets that you might want to consider running instead in case you don't have access to DLCs or you're just starting off you don't necessarily have the time to farm all the set pieces but still want to do about trials kind of thing so we'll go over a couple of substitutions there now we will talk about our rotation and then we will do a 6-minute I mean parts you guys get an idea of what kind of DPS a stamina knife blade is able to pull those are further ado we're gonna go ahead and get started first with our gear so starting off with that much to help sets we are running in Bella dresses there's basically only really two monotonetim sets that you would run as a stamina knight blade and this is one of them valid rats is a dlc set so the other set is gonna be a little bit easier to obtain just because it is basic game my fells dress is a little bit stronger than the other set there so it gives you under 29 weapon damage and it has a chance to spawn three disease sports whenever you deal damage that deals a certain amount of disease damage now Bella dress is particularly strong because each of those disease damage disease spores actually has a chance to hit the same enemy so if your enemy has a large enough hitbox two or three spores may actually hit the enemy at the same time which as you can imagine means more DPS out of the proc the other set Celine's is the other set that I'm talking about find it here zillions on the other hand only has one hitch so on the it's still a very good set to run but because of that limitation it only hits one enemy at a time it doesn't necessarily have the same sort of potential DPS that valid rest has that being said though Celine's is a lot easier to obtain because it is a base game set those are two mosfilm options there you will notice that they are both medium we are going seven medium in this build here we do want the additional weapon crit out of the medium armor passives there so we are going all medium our body set is a relic once I have perfected version here go with the imporant version if you don't have the capability or you don't have the time to really farm for perfect Peloquin so perfect relic wind will drop from that cloud rest +1 and above so you do need access to the Somerset DLC as well as a team to actually complete that cloud rest +1 or above but if you don't have access you don't have the team necessary to complete that cloud rest +1 then you can use the imperfect version in the meantime that can just be farmed just from normal cloud rest relic winds is definitely the strongest biases that you can have right now that set the five piece set bonus deals a significant amount of damage so I would highly recommend making this up if you intend on being a stem and dps for our armor and tricks and enchants we are doing all the vines all of stamina enchants here there's really no reason to go infused infused is not really going to be any stronger than the vines the fact that it is a noticeably weaker than the vines so you still want to have all seven divides here as long as well as all stamina enchants as well now for our front bar set we're still going with advancing okay that it is still going to be the strongest set for us in terms of a front bar option here so we have the jewelry and the weapons so advanced you'll Canada is a heavy armor set that you can get only from held Roth citadel so you will need to get jewelry and weapons here and again you will need to transmute your jewelry because it is a heavy armor set so it comes in healthy so you will need to transmute it to either bloodthirsty or an if you infused is significantly stronger than robust for stem and DPS because you have a lot more weapon damage modifiers than you have max stamina modifiers so there's really no reason to run robust jewelry pretty much in any stamina set unless you don't have the transmits to transmit it right away so go with any combination of bloodthirsty or infused three blast ersity is gonna be the strongest in most scenarios but there are situations where you might want to run in fuses that are bloodthirsty because the nature of the fight itself weapon damage in chats on all of our jewelry pieces and then we have double daggers on the front bar here we have nine on the main hand and we have sharpened on the offhand and for our enchants we have a poisoned damaged and absorb stamina enchant as well doesn't really matter which hand your enchants go on because neither of them are infused so you can put the absorb stamina on the main or off and same thing with the poison damage enchant our back bar is a maelstrom beau infused with a weapon damage in chimp now there are a few other options here that you might want to consider for body and front bar sets and I have them down the description below but I will cover as many of them as I can in this video right now so Brian art is one set that you might want to consider picking up this can be either a body set or a front bar set depending on what your other set is it is probably easier to have it as a front bar set because it is a proc set so it will carry over to the back bar you can this is an overland set so you can farm this from Hrothgar or you can buy it off of Gil traders if you don't have access to Hrothgar and it already comes in robust jewelry so you don't necessarily need to worry about transmitting it from arcane or healthy the robust jewellery is gonna be a little bit more expensive than the arcane or healthy versions because it can come in all three traits but it is again easier to obtain then in Manteo Canada in some easy so you can't personally you can go with bright heart if you'd like it does give you a life skill whenever you print while the proc is active so it is helpful for things like BMA or instances where you might want a little bit more stuff ability other such that you might want to run you can find them here I have a lot of sets because that was testing quite a few things over the duration here all Magica stuff so other stamina set that you might want to consider running one set that I don't actually have on hand right now is gonna be the ravager that's just because it is a PvP set so you can't you will have to purchase this either off of Gil traders or you can buy it from puffers in Serie dough so it is the ravager I believe you can get it from Listeria so you can buy coffers with bleep it's 12 that was an AP each and it'll give you a random piece of ravager so there's a heavy armor set so very similar to mantequilla you will need to transmit the jewelry you will need jewelry and weapons so Ravager does give you one max health enchant and jet one max health armor bonus so it doesn't have quite as much in terms of the two three four piece but the five piece gives you a very strong boost to weapon damage that's why ravager is another potential option here for your front bar set another stuff that you might want to consider running is going to be sovereigns if you don't want to farm for advancing okay to sovereigns is a medium armor set that is dropped from the new dungeon I believe it is dropped from find it then it's dropped from frost ball so it basically acts as a slightly weaker version of advancing akkada so it's not gonna be quite as strong as advancing okay tip but it does save you one global cooldown because you don't have to worry about applying rearming trap anymore in addition it also gives additional physical penetration so you can drop a few points from piercing because you have additional penetration from sockets so it is a fairly decent option arguably it is going to be easier to get sovereigns for false for a frost ball toe so medium armor set so you can run something like relic win jewelry and stem if you have trouble getting its ogron's jewelry for example so that is an option that you could potentially run that is one option of their another set that you could run that I don't have on hand right now is going to be hunting's rage this is a crafted set it is a six straight set so you will need to have six traits known and whatever you want to craft it as and it is a base game set so as long as you have access to the base game then obviously you can get a craft buy or get somebody to craft hunting's for you so it is craftable set so very very easy to obtain peace is a static bonus who will want to wear this as the body set instead not necessarily a front bar set and now one other set that I'm going to try to find here it's going to be love via thin you're gonna find it run Leviathan so this basically gives you a crap-ton of weapon crit because it is also a static about us you want this on the body set instead this is a medium armor set found in crypto parts so this is a base game set so one or two obviously crypto parts of one is going to be easier to complete and you can run this on the body so you can just farm this unnormal while you're trying to get relic wins all set up so you do have several options when it comes to sets if you aren't able to get relic win or if you don't want to farm advance your kata right away one other set that I do want to mention is going to be mechanical acuity it is a fairly decent set here but it's not going to be quite as strong as some other sets so it's not going to be quite as strong as been Takeda for example but this is a craft that said you can craft it from clockwork city I believe it requires six traits nope in order to craft it or might be seven of nine hundred percent certain on it but this is a crafted set so get very easy to obtain you can buy it off kill traded you can craft it yourself you can get somebody else to craft it for you so definitely another good option to consider if you don't want to farm or you don't have time to farm advancing okay now or you don't have the daggers just yet so those are your set options there moving on now to our character sheet I am an orc orcs are going to give you the best dps potential out of any of the races they have mm ditional max stamina and 258 additional weapon damage Dark Elves are going to be the next best option they have 1875 max stamina and 258 weapon damage from there there are a couple of other races you could choose Kaji's get 10% additional critical damage as well as 875 max stamina majka and health so you got a little bit of addition to health as a Khajiit which does how about your swap ability the 10% additional crit damage done it's not gonna be quite as strong as a knight blade because you already have very high crit damage already but it is it does help out your DPS there finally you have to sustain options you have to sustain races you have bosmer the what elves and the red card so the bosmer get 2,000 additional max stamina and they have 258 stamina read the red guards on the other hand get 2,000 max stamina and they get stamina bag every time they deal direct I believe it's direct damage so they get I think it's 950 additional stamina every 5 seconds will have the deal direct damage those two races do not have any sort of additional damage modifier so gonna have weapon damage don't have crit chance or crit damage but they do have a lot of sustain on the other hand so it is very nice to be able to sustain a full light attack rotation without necessarily have to worrying about anything you would elves will have slightly better sustain than the red guards but the red guards are still a very strong sustain race there that being said though orcs and dark elves do out dps to them as long as you're able to follow the sustain a rotation or are attributes all points are into stamina you can put a few points in the health of you would like I would personally put probably no more than up to 10 points into health at that point you kind of giving up a little bit too much damage there for my taste or arm under stone were going with the shadow the shadow was buff in Wrath stones and now it provides 19 percent additional crit damage with seven Divine's 13 percent base so very powerful now you can use the lover instead if you decide to go with the lover you will obviously have to change out your offhand trait so instead of going nuran earn sharpen you go with 9 precise instead because the lover does provide you with enough sort of penetration that you don't need a sharpen on the offhand and you will we have to take out points from piercing as well so you have completely different CP set up if you decide to go with the lover the DPS difference between running the shadow and a lot of points into piercing and that sharpen offhand compared to running the lover is gonna be a little bit small the shadow does usually end up winning out so something to keep in mind there or food I am running lava foot that is your parse food here so basically replicates getting orbs and blue food a little bit it's a little bit less than blue food but it does replicate getting orbs on cooldown if you were using blue food if you have sustain issues you can you should be using do biscuit mourn throat or Artyom takeaway broth that gives you max health max stamina and stamina region so it's very nice to have the additional stamina regen if you have issues sustaining night blades typically speaking should be able to run Glu food with a good orb support to stay in support there that being said though if you are again if you are having issues with sustained swap over to do this Kumar and thrown or Artyom take away broth now for our scale bars for our front bar we have killers blade surprise attack rending slashes relentless focus the arming trap and flawless Dom breaker we're not using flawless Dawnbreaker as our ultimate this is just here for the weapon damage passive boost our back bar razor caltrops poison junction endless hail bleaching strikes rearming trap again and incapacitating strike this is going to be the ultimate that we will be using primarily we arming trap you'll notice is on both of our bars here you can really cast it on any of your bar so front or back bar but if you are running in advancing your kata you do want to limit your back bar rotation to three abilities maximum and I'll go over that when I talk about a rotation so it's usually easier just to cast it on the front bar I cast it on the front bar but you can't cast it on the back bar if you so desire moving on to our DP points the CP cap is unchanged between rat stone and murk Meyer so the CP cap is still 810 which gives us 270 points to put across each of our different constellation types we're starting off with our green C piece I have a hundred mooncalf under nasty 110 acity you can reduce this down to 75% if you would like such as this this gives you 120 points to play around wherever you'd really like so you can do for your shadow board for your tumbling and then 40 warlord but if you would like to have the additional sustain you can go one hundred one hundred if you would like and had that 70 points to put wherever you'd like green cps are gonna vary a little bit depending on which trial you're running but a balanced approach is always a decent approach to go for now for our blue c peas this particular setup is assuming that you run the shadow with the sharpened offhand so I will go over our blue cps if you're running the lover with the precise offhand instead but this is what I have for our current setup here so forty-nine mighty 61 piercing fifty-two into precise strikes and thaumaturge and then 56 into master-at-arms now if you are going to be running the lover obviously don't need as many ports into piercing I are also using a precise off hand though if you are running the lover instead you can grow up piercing down 2:28 instead bring precise strikes up to 66 bring doumitt bring massive arms up to 66 Optometry actually know you want to rob magic arms on to you one piercing down in 27 and mighty up 64 so you'd have 64 mighty 27 piercing 66 precise strikes 52 thaumaturge and 61 mastered arms if you were to go with lover as your mana stone instead now for our recipes this particular setup that I have is a balanced approach which is good for pretty much all content but it is not necessarily maximizing your mitigation across any single piece of content so you might need to play around with you read CPS in order to get the best medication for any single piece of content a to an ironclad statistic one thick skin and 64 into hearty and elemental defender alright so that's pretty much it for all that build information now let's go ahead and talk about our rotation itself so very similar to damask and I played we are going to be doing a dynamic rotation Ravana prioritize our boat proc from relentless focus here so that is really really important so you want to make sure we're not sitting on that boat prop too often we want to get it off because while we have the bulk rock up we aren't able to generate stacks to get a new bow proc so very similar to magic knight blades our goal is to get at least three bow procs off with each activation of our relentless focus here in terms of dots all of our back bar dots are very important to maintain endless hail caltrops poison junction they're very strong dots if you're running the Maelstrom back bar obviously you want mixture and this hail is taking away because it's a very very powerful source of DPS or as an injection particularly when you get to that execute point deals a lot of damage very so you do want to maintain that poison Junction uptime minor force is also important to maintain so that is your rearming trap if you need to drop a dot you can drop rending slashes while running slashes does do a good amount of DPS it is not going to be a top contender for you know your top spots DPS contribution so if you need to drop it and go ahead and drop it here now as an orc or dark elf you do want to try to maintain leeching as best you can if you're a wood elf a Red Guard or a Khajiit it's a little bit less necessary to tane leeching but you still kind of want to try to keep it up as best you can here though gonna quickly go ahead and kind of demonstrate the rotation here I will not be using incapacitating strike that's the ultimate just because I want to say before the actual six men that me parse but you will generally speaking be using this last if you argue amusing incapacitating strike but I'll show you guys what I mean when we go over our rotation so creep up with leaching and relentless and then use your trap you always start on the back part here get our dots going I like to use the Emma trap on the front bar like I mentioned earlier they've tried to give you guys a demonstration of when you want to swap over to yours but bars those three abilities on the back bar at most they go back to your friend park so here we're gonna break up our fabrication rope rock off go back and finish our back rotation to make sure boys and Justins going and that is pretty much how the rotations gonna go so you basically just want to make sure you're prioritizing your bow Prok you will notice that I am going eight to a light attack before going into my backward rotation so in other words let's say my back rotation I do light attack bar swap directly into endless hail so I'm not doing something like I'd say I've want to go to attack but right now I'm not doing something like build a bar swabbin might attack you want to make sure you end your front bar occasion on a lie attack it's very important for advanced you okay to try to maintain stacks and again if you're using advanced no kata you want to limit yourself to three abilities on the back bar that does include incapacitating strike that is just to maintain your advance you okay to buff up time if you use for abilities then you risk losing your advance you okayed it because it lasts for five seconds which is five global cooldowns so with the fork abilities on the back bar plus your bar swap time you might end up losing that so if you have three you're in a pretty good spot you have to kind of a little bit less than two seconds to spare if two bars pop and go back to your front part to maintain your advanced air kit uptime that way now we're going to go ahead and do a six minute up in parts you guys get an idea of the DPS that we're able to pull here now one thing to keep in mind here is that night blades have major fracture and monomers are built in to their set their skill sets so we have major fracture from surprise attack we have my numbers are affirmed alot let's focus the only other class that has both abilities both buffs I should say is going to be the stamina warden so if you want to compare stamina knife blades to like i7 a Templar or stamina DK you do need to keep that in mind that we do have my numbers org and we do have major fracture which is not necessarily available in all other classes for self bot tests they will need to do a little bit of adjustment there in order to kind of get a more accurate comparison here so let's go ahead and get started here with our parts and I will try to narrate throughout it we always want to try to end your back bar with poison injection or incapacitating strike when your counter is up to four run the wire attack right into that bowl probability so you might need to let the army sign up your trap and this hail drop off a little bit while you finish up your backlog rotation front of our rotation that's fine it will happen occasionally because you do want to make sure you're maintaining our relentless focus the whole time so chuckles here we are gonna let you on the trap drop off a little bit here we'll execute that's mentioned as well talking about rotation for execution you can drop caliphs up a few is like I typically drop caltrops some people don't you will drop again you're on the reading slashes though you want to maintain that might force up time you will not be dropping we are in traps you'll see here that I am dropping rending and caltrops from my rotation here and there you have it and you also want to try to maintain obviously villainous focus and if you execute is going to be take along a while you also want to maintain reaching strikes as well so in execute endless hail poison injection and minor force for me trap those are going to be your dot that you want to maintain and obviously your buffs from relentless focus and leeching strikes and you just want to keep on using killers blade for self off parses you want to also use surprise attack to make sure you're maintaining major fracture but enrage without using surprise attack at all so here is our parts here we managed to pull a fifty three point nine K you will notice that resurrecting warrior which is our advance EO kata is a ninety percent uptime which is pretty much as pretty much as high as it will possibly be in terms of self buff tests as long as we are you know starting on the back bar here though endless hail very very strong arms are eloquent also very strong so that's why eloquent is such a strong set that you want to keep up it by itself it does just over six thousand dps so you want to make sure to have that here killers blade is incredibly strong xqb only use it ten times but it is still number four in terms of DPS contributions here with a max crit of sixteen nine point five case so really really powerful execute and this is one of the reasons why night blades are such a strong dps class here and Berserker is on a back bar so we have almost hundred percent uptime on the back bar because of endless hail continuing to proc occur while we're on our front part here so that is gonna be it for this build video and again if you do want to compare this to other stem and DPS that do bear in mind we do have my numbers urk so just keep that in mind not all classes have access to the mine berserk or the major fracture buff that night blades have as of any questions or comments about this bill please repeat them down the comp section below hopefully you guys found it informative and I will see you guys in the next dungeon