welcome gentlemen today we're going to talk about the stamina Nightblade pv builder rampage for morrowind stem blades are in a pretty good situation this patch they have insanely high single target in the first part of the video I want to talk about the basic second part I want to talk about resource management what kind of options you have and it will also show you off the rotation which is a little bit difficult on a stem blade because there's a few options take care of let's just look at the stat first I do not have the best in slot gear like I have six one and I use sort like a dagger and the Ox obviously would be better and you would have a bit more weapon crypt but the stats overall are pretty nice we are using the feed from humble stone we are a vampire vampires are nice because supernatural recovery and we get undef just make sure if you are in a dungeon that has a lot of fire damage probably decrease the vampire stage to level one so you don't get any extra damage from fire in terms of pop food we are using the normal max health max 10 bar food and we're using the weapon power pot you can also use this one I will get into that later in terms of gear we have five pieces to thank snake five pieces wishes now this set is still like insanely strong in terms of damage so I highly recommend using it I do have alternative and easy to get gear options on my website in case you do not have access to this set then we have vicious serpent now this is also really strong set because it gives you a percent cost reduction every time you kill somebody you get 2,100 stamina and you get 126 extra weapon damage from the 5 piece so this is insanely strong now I do know it is very hard to get weapons like obviously a dagger and the ox sharpened or like a dagger sharp and then the ox infused would be better but I also don't have them because like the drops are so seldom I just use my two swords yes I lose like bleed and create damage but I don't have any other option we have full weapon damage here and then we are also using the master bow really strong now in terms of monster set you see like if you can around 7 medium because it gives you more trade and more credits better for stamina setups Celine has really strong single target damage like if you want yours could use a valid ref if you want a more AE damage but for example Celine on single target on target dummy here you can do up to 3k damage is insane plus it constantly procs because we have a lot of direct damage abilities all the vines if possible it's about the setup now in terms of champion points 44 warlord one sprinter like I just put this man in mooncalf as possible and tenacity those here the more important one so we have 49 here 29 piercing now in a raid you don't necessarily need this but like when you run infused weapon you want about 29 points here if you're on double sharpened maybe you don't need any points here it's kind of personal preference you need to test out a little bit then we have 48 into precise strikes you need 48 here and 56 in thaumaturge and then we have 28 in masses up arms now again this is not final like just play around a little bit maybe you want a little bit more damage here because we have quite a lot of direct damage abilities then 61 ironclad 12 to spell shield 49 thick skins we actually no no that's that's incorrect you can put three here because 448 are enough because of jump points and then 49 Hardy for denial mental defender most important ones are here most champion point perks have a jump point I put the like I have on my website there's a list of them I can put it into the description so you can go check it out maybe understand what they mean by that in terms of skills let's start at the back bar it's basically all the same for stamina setups endless Hale rearming trap poison injection and raise occult drops those are the most important ones we always want to make sure to keep those up so every time like when endless hail gets to like two seconds and I'm on the front bar the moment it hits two iweapons whoa and reapply the stuff again leeching strikes now this gives us a little bit of resource management if you want to do more heavier text then you actually don't even need this because it doesn't give it that much stamina back but it's still kind of helpful policed are probably the strong single target ultimate at the moment so I recommend using that rending slashes on the front bar we have deadly cloak here now this is really strong because it gives us 25% aue damage reduction so this is really really good and it's a must-have it also deals decent damage surprise attack is our spammable it's really hard killers played our execute so basically the moment the enemy reaches 25% make sure that your skill is played instead of surprise attack and relentless focus so the spectral bow they changed it a little bit now you can basically use it twice before it runs out but it needs a little bit of practice because it's still kind of tricky especially when you have two weapon swap in the wrong moment and then it runs out value on the back bar the other kind of stuff and we have in cap strike when especially in the executes very useful if you want you can use flawless drum breaker here instead of ink Tet for AV damage another option that you have however I actually like this here because most boss fights especially trials are quite long and then our abilities get boosted pretty hard that's just my two things now in terms of resource management like I said I kinda have I use lighter text on the back bar and I use heavier text on the front bar they are pretty fast as you can see because you can animation cancel them pretty well now if you don't want to do heavy text at all you could run the camera enthroned if you run this just make sure to get like you have to put some points into the health or tribute or get the health and gentlemen so you get like 17k health that's the important thing more or less that's actually enough for resource management you don't really need more because you also have the leaching strikes which also help and I didn't find a lot of problems because your melee you also like will have constantly Spears or orbs on the bosses which you can activate to get resources back and that more or less solves all the issues now in terms of rotation so I can set the back bar is the most important thing because you want to keep up all the dots so when I use the trap I use endless hail poison injection always a light attack between every skill and when we get to the front bar we activate the ending slashes and deadly cloak if we need at the moment the bow procs you want to use it once and the Sailor runs out you swap back so when we do this fast it kind of looks like this then the bold props used the bow then two seconds we weapon swap again I always swap when I have two seconds on my endless tail now the tricky part is if you have enough experience you can get two relentless focus off like the blue spectral ball if not the drill you probably need more practice when do I start doing heavy attack so basically when I reach like 30 to 40 percent instead of light attacks on the front bar I start using heavy attacks so as long as I hear you see it's still pretty fast the heavier ticks then when the endless sail runs out you reapply this if you still don't have enough stamina maybe you can like not use count drops for one rotation because count drops are very expensive so that's all the way how you can manage your resources know the kind of stuff it's basically about the build I will do separate DPS tests like I have the playlist there where I upload DPS tests and all kind of stuff if you're interested but that's it for now if you have any questions please ask in the comment section below thank you for watching and have a nice day jizz