indoor rowing is an efficient effective total body work that utilizes all major muscle groups including the back legs arms abdominals and buttocks the Avari programmable magnetic rower features 12 programs that can be monitored using the LCD backlit in touch Fitness monitor the 12 workout programs include 6 cardio profiles 1 manual for custom user programs and 1 heart rate program use the up and down arrows on the monitor to adjust workout time and resistance at any time during your workout the monitor will also track your time row count distance calories burned strokes per minute watt and pulse use the included chest strap during any program to check your heart rate this is especially effective while using the target heart rate program the foot plates provide a natural pivoting motion while rowing and the foot straps hold feet securely in place the Avari programmable magnetic rower has a comfortable molded seat and the extruded aluminum beam provides a smooth movement during the drive and recovery phases of your stroke when you are done with your workout the Avari programmable magnetic rower will fold for storage it has wheels for easy portability rowing is one of the most effective low-impact exercises for increasing your metabolism for more efficient calorie and fat burning without the impact on your joints