you want to race faster or lower your personal best times two things can help stamina training and speed sessions most runners call anything fast speed work but there is a difference speed training involves repetitions of up to about 45 seconds in duration while stamina sessions involve longer intervals speed sessions are short and fast the goal is to improve your top end speed so that any race distance feels easier with the same amount of effort and you race faster stamina sessions involve longer time spent running fast such as repeat half miles or miles three things must be controlled the pace the time between intervals and your effort the mathematics involved in running tells us to get from the start to the finish line on a training run our race involves two things our stride cadence and the length of our stride by using stamina training and speed sessions both of these will improve and your race performances will get better so what do you need to do to incorporate speed training and stamina sessions into your program read more articles on the subject talk to top runners and consider a personal running coach