We all want to be healthy we all want to be successful and this app will help you get there Hi, my name is Freddie Andrade I got this app idea – God opened my mind up to understand it, and gave me a dream it all started in September, I went to a sandwich shop to order a sandwich. The guy in front of me was ordering first He tells us subway guy making the sandwich: “make it this way” he tells him, “sir, nobody is doing like that” and then he says “I’ll do it this one time for you I’ll make the sandwich the way you want” a thought came into his head these are the customers, these are the people if you give them what they want, you’ll make money! So he did. About a week later, I was driving to work half way to work i have this app idea for some reason a girl asked me, “Hey Freddie what kind of ideas do you have today? and I told her why is nobody making an app that does this and after I told her the app, I noticed the reaction of the face – Her jaw dropped. she goes, “Freddie, if anything in your life you do that one idea! I’ve never heard anything like that! So I don’t think anything of it and I waited two days and I told about 35 of my customers because I deliver food so I meet people, and I noticed all the same reaction everybody was like, stunned! why is nobody doing that? so that was 35 people the time, and my boss told me He said, “people are going to see what you’re doing Freddy they’re going to run straight to the patent lawyers he says “Go straight to the patent lawyers” Get a patent. and so I did. I went in October and then in January it go patent pending, so that’s why I’m here [TITLE] The App so the app is so simple. God revealed so so much to me. When you build a system and just have easy connection so one person needs the service and the other person’s providing the service and the system where they can connect to you that’s all the system does, that is Spot Buddy Fitness [Spot Buddy Logo] if you’re looking to get paid and become a Spot Buddy fitness associate, you put in the time that you’re actually going to be at the gym. People all around the area would see your picture profile and they’ll make bids for your service they’ll pay for it and you work out with them and afterwards you confirm and you’ll be able to see and track every dollar that is made for you pictures and a profile of the people at the gym at that time will be there because it will be a live App Lets say you pick Carrie or Joe all do is they hang out with you they talk to you, they motivate you and they work out if they want. So these are average people at the gym that want to make money we let the marketplace determine what happens in the value of your services and that’s also probably fitness is doing to people together to benefit both of them one health and one financially thank Kickstarter first of all because they provided the platform for me to bring this idea to the people and the people to decide of it it should come to life I believe personally with all this to me that this is actually a really good revolutionary app that’s going to change everything the way people go to the gym the way people use apps, the way everybody sees because technology is always growing and we’re just at that time where it’s going to make the next leap, but this is something bigger than me. This is something that I can’t hold this any more this is an app that helps so many people in so many ways people making money people finding that last little bit of motivation to go to the gym and get over that hurdle and everybody wins the gym people will be going to gyms more and that’s why I can’t hold it in anymore I that’s why I’m bringing you the app because I believe that this is something that will benefit so many people and if you can’t donate don’t worry I know how money goes, but if you can, just tell a friend, people that go to the gym about this app and how something so simple can change so many lives and help so many people. Spot Buddy Fitness – thank you for helping us change the world one work out at a time