Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and Bat
Boy, Bear. Today I’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises for a sports
hernia. So let’s get started. Okay? All right. So a sports hernia is basically when
you have a tear of the tissues in your lower abdomen or in your groin area. So
the goal is to strengthen the core muscles stretch out the other muscles
around the area so that it’s not tight, and so you keep your abs strong so then
and that doesn’t happen anymore. So the first thing I’m going to show you
is how to recruit your transverse abdominis muscles. So just lie down with
your knees propped up, and what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your
fingers on both sides and find the front of your hip bones and the most
of the time they’re going to kind of bulge out and you can feel a little bit. Once you get your fingers on that,
you’re going to slide them towards the center where your belly button is. Not
all the way about halfway there, and then just kind of push in a little bit. The way you know that you’re on those
transverse muscles is if you push out almost like you’re blowing out a camera. A camera?
A candle! So go, and if you feel muscles pushing
back into your fingers, those are your transverse abdominis
muscles. So what you’re going to do is place them there, take a nice deep breath, and blow out
really slowly. So gowhere you’re trying to push those
muscles up into your fingers. So you want to actually feel them
pushing back. And then relax and do that about five times. A big breath in and
then push out. That just kind of helps remind those
muscles what they’re supposed to be doing. So now we’re going to stretch out
a whole lot of the muscles around the hip area. So now you’re going to stretch your
iliopsoas muscle. Now this is one that is in that area, so you want to be very
gentle with this stretch you don’t want to go too crazy with it. So the side that you want to stretch is
going to stay down and then put the other side up. What you want to do is then just shift
your body forward. Not your upper body. You don’t want to go this way. You want to shift
everything forward until you feel a stretch right through there. So just hold
that stretch for about 30 seconds. Remember you don’t want to be painful, you just want to feel some tension in there,
come back and do that three times. So just a nice gentle stretch there, and you
won’t stretch both sides. Then you’re going to kind of stay in that position,
but now you’re going to stretch your quad muscle. So you don’t have to lean
forward to get th e iliopsoas. This time you’re just going to bring that foot up,
and if you want to go slightly forward to take the iliopsoas out of it if
it’s hurting, you can, and then you’re going to feel the stretch in the front.
And just try and bring your heel towards your bottom. And hold that stretch for
about 30 seconds, and then do three of those. And again, kind of feeling it in the front
there, so if you’re feeling it up here, you might wanna lean forward just a little
bit if it hurts. Now you’re going to stretch your adductor
muscles or the inner thigh muscles. So this one is going to be just a a
butterfly stretch. So take your feet put them together in
front of you. The closer you bring your heels towards,
you the bigger the stretch is going to be. So you might, if you’re hurting,
want to start out far away like this, and then eventually bring it in more and
more. But bring it as far as you comfortably can, and then take your elbows on your inner
thigh and push downwards. And you should kind of feel that in the groin and inner
thigh area. And just stretch that there. And come back up. Holding that 30 seconds,
doing that three times. So that’s kind of the groin adductor
combination. If you just want to do the adductors, you can kind of take your leg
out this way, and then you’ll feel it on the inside. So same thing, just holding it
there for about 30 seconds. If you want more of a stretch, lean this way, and it will bring your
body down. You feel that stretch in there so, 30 seconds, three times for that. And
then the last stretch is going to be for your hamstring. So we’re getting all
those muscles around the hip area. So just put your foot out, nice and
comfortable, you can curl the other one in. You want to try and keep your knee down. If it comes up like this, that means
you’re probably stretching too hard, so try and get it as flat you can. Pull your
toes up towards you. That will help lock it out. Keep your back straight and your hips
forward, and just lean forward at your hips. Stretching out that hamstring. So you should feel that underneath right
there. And so not necessarily curling your back and going down, but keeping it
straight and just going forward. Again holding that for about 30 seconds and
then doing three of those. Make sure that you’re stretching on both sides for all
of them. So those are your stretches and
exercises for a sports hernia. If you have any questions, leave in the
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and I hope your feel better soon.