hello and welcome back to speedy time today we're going to figure out how you get some aerobic exercise on the space station one way is by running we have a special treadmill first off we got fine weird it's on the wall how cool we first get a heart rate monitor next we get our super duper harness next off we connect in to the t2 itself these are very important because they simulate load that we would have on earth and they pull us to the treadmill otherwise we just float off we make sure that it's calibrated and we start a light jog a little higher pace we even have a mode called passive you push it yourself and then the coolest part of the whole thing is at the end of your workout it gives you the miles travel mattress the miles ring so using the speed of the space station 17,500 miles an hour you can go like I don't know 9,000 miles that's a pretty good run subscribe for more space they face face face