[Music and inaudible
background conversations] So we decided to go with a sweet
and zesty eye-catching salad. You get the sweetness
from the caramelized onions, the maple-glazed chicken
breast, and the beets. The eye-catchingness is the
red leaf lettuce and the beets and pumpkin seeds and balsamic glaze.
For the zestiness, we have a balsamic vinaigrette that
coats the entire leaf of the salad. And we hope you enjoy the salad as
much as we enjoyed making it for you. – That’s awesome.
That’s really good. I love beets.
I love the onions in there. And the chicken – it’s all –
the flavors are extremely well-balanced. The beets, did you roast those?
– Yes. We did. – That’s incredible because that’s
one of the hardest vegetables to kind of cook perfectly to where
your tooth just kind of sinks into it. Those are really perfectly cooked.
I loved that dish. – Did you make your balsamic?
– Yes. – Mm-hmm.
– It’s delicious. It’s really light,
and it tastes delicious. – I love the maple and balsamic.
There’s, like, a great interplay between those flavors.
For me, it wins is with the beets and then the flavors that
are coming from the balsamic. – The pumpkin seeds are, for me,
really unusual, but I really like it. – If I was in a restaurant,
I would order this. I don’t know how familiar
you are with beets being a performance food, but they are.
So, again, as I do some of this, I’d say, would our athletes eat this?
And they would eat these. Congratulations.
You did a nice job. – Good job, guys.
– Thank you. [Applause] [Music]