Hello. For those of you who own spa or wellness center business I have good news for you and exciting technology to tell you. This technology will help elevate the attractiveness of your services to the next level. The technology is about music therapy or sound therapy that you can apply to complement your existing services. You may notice that within your business or other spas in general they will open some light music along with the service which may be slow Thai classical music, light jazz or classical musics This shows that they realize the importance of music in helping to create the feeling of relaxation while enjoying the services which could be body or facial massaging or may be milky or sea-salt bathing or sauna… Actually, you can add value to the music to be played to the next level by playing a specially crafted music that can help re-balancing the energy of your customer’s body. And the improvement of energy balance will then reflect to the wellbeingness of the person First, to re-balance the energy and then to shift up the energy level of the person And everything that I mentioned can be easily measured with scientific equipment. since today we have such equipment ready to be served where you can easily apply to your services. For example, when you have a customer entering to your spas you then get him/her measured up with the equipment