Imagine a future where access to your personal
medical record data is easily granted to providers, in a HIPAA compliant fashion – ultimately
protecting personal privacy. Sirius Healthcare: Blockchain I think there are some big challenges in healthcare that emerging technology like blockchain can be the right solution for. Primarily around supply chain and implantables and devices where you want to be able to track blood supplies… things like that. But also in some cases, the personal health record and what a patient can do with that record and protect it. Sirius has a very dedicated commitment to healthcare practice. What that brings to the table is both business process improvements and new technologies like blockchain – and the ability to bring together customers in a setting like this to compare their experiences. Sirius invested in this innovation lab here so that we could help develop new solutions to real-world problems that our healthcare customers have. Our ultimate goal was to improve patient outcomes – but equally important – we were trying to improve the overall patient experience. With the solutions, some of the added benefits are that we have security built into the solution through cryptography and we also are able to minimize and eliminate paperwork and the faxing of medical records across hospital systems. The purpose of the lab here is to give an opportunity for customers to bring in new technology and showcase it and integrate it with other technologies they might have. We built this solution as a private permission blockchain and we use the hyperledger fabric as the core architecture for it. We deployed it on Amazon Web Services because it was the fastest way for us to get to market. We use Google Golang as the smart contract structure. The key thing about this blockchain project is we were able to interact directly with the customer from the very beginning based on their use-case and develop the solution from the very beginning through the point of concept. We were able to build this solution in days not weeks or months and we were able to leverage both our US-based resources and our Global Delivery Team in Chennai, India. Contact Sirius for a Blockchain Briefing.