hi I'm Mike Elmer with century 21 North Holmes we're at the Seattle Washington we have eight offices in Washington and Oregon we've tried everything with social media we had our had mints doing it we had we hired a gal for a little bit that said she knew social media and it was all pretty much a disaster I reached out to Kelly with social stamina and oh my gosh a hundred percent difference it's professional we're getting leads we're getting inquires into our offices because of it our agents love it they can just texture a photo and she'll post it the open houses and then we have a much more professional consistent theme going through our whole office or a whole company I will tell you it's a lot more affordable as opposed to hiring somebody in-house and paying all the overhead on that Kelly's prices are extremely reasonable and she just handles everything and gives you money to put ad budget on top of what you were spending so great savings more a bunch of better product I can't say enough good things about