New day new location. We are at the parking spot… in front of the gym now. I´m always excited when I come here to train because it´s such a special gym. The style is so awesome and everyone who ever comes to Nuremberg, should check it out No matter if powerlifter, Ice hockey player, football player everyone trains here… because it´s just the perfect gym Let´s check it out now … let´s go 100.000 racks sledge for pull for sprints kegs… concrete cases for famers walk yoke log lift green area chains record list pictures of the members on the wall coolest graffiti ever here we have the changing room I always use He – Man So, now about the food: I always eat one hour before the workout for the last time That means I eat so much that I´m full and then that´s it… just because I like the blood in the muscle but not in my stomach… that´s better… This is Tasso one of the owners there are two owners the other one is Leszek. And now let´s go. As always before every workout, warm up of cardiovascular system with 5 minutes cardio. 5 minutes are over… Today is bench press training …. Bench Day or for the muscle pumpers: Chest… Here you have the best bench all over Nuremberg… You never see that in my videos that I always to a 15 to 20 minutes warm up… with that I don´t mean bench pressing… but the rotators, my triceps, my wrists… just everything Well I always start with shoulder circling that´s the first thing for 2 rounds… forwards and backwards then there you have the blood coming to the shoulder, to the joint. Rotators are next. I always do that with the “Thera Band” This is exactly where it has to go. Wrists are straight during the whole exercise… 2 rounds… no matter how many reps.. just as many reps till the shoulder explodes and it´s warmed up I always have the “Thera Band” with me and this one. Even traps gets warmed up… the delts… and never loose the tension Hold wrist loose and wrist leads… and that´s exactly what´s imporant… this rotation And then the blood is rushing… where do you feel it? Exactly… side delts so next warm up exercise for the shoulders… dumbbells… bend forward… the hands just go to the side and you hold the dumbbell like you would when you bench press then I stand up like Daniel is doing it here and then you reach every part For warm up really just use baby weights just make sure that the blood is rushing to the muscle supraspinatus tendon… infraspinatus tendon even shoulder blades get warmed up with this exercise it´s like pouring out water of a glass … to the front… that´s what lateral raise looks like yes… now you are pulling with the traps… that´s enough So… last warm up exercise for the triceps with the “Thera Band” always hold your hands parallel look straight elbow gets warmed up… the triceps… and that´s what I always do before every bench pressing This three shoulder exercises and elbow and tricep warm up And then you can give 100 percent without being scared that anything happens… life insurance Now it comes to bench pressing… As with any exercise we start with the empty barbell You always start with the empty bar… no matter how strong you are… as with every exercise you do… weight down to minimum… new motion sequence… little weights… Bench Press… my favorite discipline and also most technical discipline when it comes to powerlifting I show you on the example of Daniel how I bench press, and Daniel will do it just like me. The one thing mostly done wrong when you go to a gym… is that most of the people there lie there flat as a pancake that means… they lie down… lift the bar… go down like this I do this for one week… then I´m broken when you lie like this you only reach this front delts… you overstrech to the back the front delts have no power… the power is in the chest and in the lats That´s why you put the chest up… and that´s where the chest stays… and when I go down now then it already feels like the chest tears… that´s how it´s got to be then my hands get to the bar… this is the next mistake made very often sometimes people bench like this… the hands not clasped correctly round the bar… risk of injury is way to high like this next thing is… you can not activate the forearm, the wrist flexor, when benching like this and if you can not activate your wrist flexor because of not clasping the bar and not making a fist then you can`t feel your triceps and without feeling your triceps you can´t feel your lats that helps you benching I always put my middle finger to where the ring is eyes you say under the bar… just like this… but I always get a bit higher so I don´t have to lift the bar from the back to the front like this that´s where many people get injured so I lie down… put the chest up and what I do now is… I pull myself up now the chest is even higher and the shoulder blades are together and when the shoulder blades are together and the chest is up… then the lats can work and you have tension in the chest… you have less way… because you are not lieing flat… you save about that much way down… so… I lie there feeling my back-extensors… down there… the 2 points.. the muscle insertion of the back-extensors and now chest out… now its up I pull… lift it… and now… the bar clasped as strong as possible … hands made to a fist as for a punch so not do it like this but whoomp then I let it down up here and do you see the speed? I can only do that… because I feel the chest If I would lie there flat then I would have no speed… my shoulder joint would explode I let it down like this I feel the tension in my back I never loose the tension … because that´s the base of how you are lieing there… that´s the warm up I do three rounds of this… because that´s very important that you train the position how you are lieing there That´s it and now it´s Daniels turn Daniel has his bath towel with him… Who cares… Main thing is you use one even if there is no duty because it´s just disgusting to lie down there in a sweat soup of other ones ok… concentrate… back… the 2 points down there… yes just like this ok he does the same again so it becomes branded in the mind… and never loose the tension during the set in the back… and the shoulder blades… chest is really up and do you see that? Daniel do the same again… ok… tension… and now I show you something stay down there with the bar… and now please loose the tension in the back and now… you see that? the elbows going down now please try to rebuild the tension out of this position… that´s nearly impossible once you lost it because you don´t get the shoulder blades back together I show you something else… that has to do with the grip width because I have been asked so many times why my I grip is that wide if you have a shoulder injury then you should use a close grip then I bench like this… and the advantages of a close grip are that you bench with your triceps… you relieve your shoulder but at one some point you reach your performance plateau it´s limited… so when benching with close grip and you lie there… and go down and you´r stuck so you have to get up from down there as fast as possible so you can overcome that dead point here so you can lift it… you don´t have that with a wide grip… and when it comes to the grip width… from wide to close grip that´s no problem you can do this right away… when you are a wide grip bencher you can say: I do close grip benching today but if you did close grip benching for years… then please don´t just say: Hey I bench with wide grip now because you can´t reach the chest like you need to or the shoulders they are not ready for this When you plan to switch from close grip to wide grip… then do it like this: you grip one finger more widely every week then your body has the time to get used to it… the shoulders, the supraspinatus tendon and everything and the chest muscles if not… you extremely affect your shoulder On the way up to the first working set I always do 2 rounds with every weight but only short rounds with about 3 reps so the tension builds up Not every body is the same, not everybody benches the same way, everyone feels another muscle …for me this is the perfect technique and I hope for Daniel too. so let´s go on 70 kilos come on come on, come on, come on 2…. 3….. enough, enough, enough we put some weight on Next point: Spotter in the gym I imagine it like this: You can´t handle a weight and it´s lieing on your chest… and the music is playing. And because of the music you don´t know if there is someone or not Yes Daniel is just saying it: Help! Is anyone there ? Can someone help me? No! I would never do something like this. Either someone is coming or not… And if nobody is coming you have the possibility not to use clips… and do this… and the plates slide down… or… you roll the bar down… and sit up… I destroyed three of my shirts with this at 180 kg for reps Daniel: Show the shelf … Now I also destroyed the shelf. But I didn´t call for help and that what is important 60 kg… Daniel: Tell them how it looked before Earlier Daniel benched 85 instead of 80 kg exactly 5 kg more on this side so he loaded the bar wrong come on.. 2 3… come on, come on 4 5….. I´m here come on, more, more, more just go on I´m here… come on… just 2 more… you can do it Try hard! One more… come one… try hard! yeah, how many reps did you just do? last week he did 4 reps now he did 10 but that´s just because of that gym and the bench here Daniel: Probably Here you can always do more… It´s his second bench press workout now but he got the technique right away. Why is that? Daniel: Because of the great trainer Thank you! You get the 5 Euros for this later for saying this. So after bench pressing we do upper cable chest fly Daniel starts Alright, one step forward, legs parallel we don´t take one leg to the front… because that causes muscular dysbalances Exactly the head is very important at this position… when you go back, the head is in the front then the traps don´t stop exactly… head down when you go back, then you can go further backwards the traps is not in the way and when you are in the front you look forwards, because then you can really contract the chest… Yes.. more, more, more, come on perfect, the feeling is good? The hands… you hold them like you would want to do a punch Excatly… like you would want to smash something Tension… and with the tension I go backwards… head goes down… Whoomp The grips are not like this … they are just like while bench pressing… exactly like this Like a punch Shoulders don´t skip to the front The chest always stayes out during this exercise, during the whole exercise the chest is out more, more, more, come on when keeping your wrists upright then you automatically feel the tricep and the chest yeah… perfect yeeees… somethings is growing there so next exercise… lower cable chest fly important about this exercise is that you stop here… belly button… stop right here… chest is always out… stop right here… never up here… because that´s all the front delts then and we don´t want that… because the front delts are weak we want the tits do the whole exercise slowly… never loose the muscle when you are in the front… contracting … really concentrate on the chest… the grips together… yes they have to touch each other do everything with power… alright yes… hard like a rock… and you really even feel it up here after chest I always train my triceps… because for me it´s the most important muscle, too… triceps yes and we do that now I always train triceps single armed with the cable because that´s best for me you can feel your forearm best… that is also important for bench press and you can see it Daniel is using his whole body I hold the grip very tight now… you see the forearm and the triceps… and that´s exactly what you need for bench press if you don´t have the tension here and bench like this… you also don´t have connection here forearm and tricep always belongs together therefore always grap the grip or bar as tight as possible the triceps keeps working… and you can move your elbow forward, that doesn´t matter alright… come on… good… Daniel: That´s enough good ok… now we are done with triceps and chest that´s it for now from power athletics gym in Nuremberg we say bye bye… thanks for watching thumbs up if you like what you see and yes… what´s interesting to me now is… what you think about the gyms… what kind of gyms you train at or which gym you liked most we already trained at… there will be more for sure… but I´m interested in what kind of gym you training at… or what you like most alright… stayed tuned for more… bye bye