the straighter you’re able to cue and
snooker the more simplistically game becomes so what are the basic things
that anybody can do to help their cueuing technique as well as exercises
you can use to continuously improve your cueing this is break from life welcome
back and it’s your first time watching one of our videos that is fantastic to
have you here the majority of players playing snooker will have noticed that
their game reaches a certain standard and don’t matter how much practice they
do it stops improving anymore your goal should be to improve every time you
practice but how can you do this well to start off whether you need a cue action
the word consistently so this video is going to be all about getting you weird
without context think of this a lot like a race
Megan spoon race to be precise you see there’s no reason that someone with
spoon a couldn’t be somebody with spoon B but their balance is gonna have to be
a lot better this is why if you’ve got a queue action that’s more accurate and
consistent then you’re coming to the game with a massive advantage which will
allow you to play more shots and develop other areas of your game quicker probably the main reason why a player’s
ability plateaus as they become concerned about how their cue action is
working on the shot but why is this such an issue well the main reason is you
lose a lot of focus of what’s actually going on in front of you and it’s really
not a good idea to work out what your body’s doing via feel especially when
there’s alternative solutions to this you see the best thing you can do is
work out exactly where your cue arm finishes when you’ve completed a shot
you’ll start to find you gradually improve if you find a position that
feels right and consistently practice delivering a cue into this position but
of course when you’re playing any sort of game you want to be doing this
naturally already and during a frame of snooker with anyone there’s only two
things you really to be concerned about how you’re lining
the shot up and staying down on the shot because in these situations what you’re
really striving for is control and these are really the only two things you have
almost full control over snuke is complicated enough without you having to
worry about every small detail of your technique there will be times when you
simply won’t have the capacity to do that but of course right now we do have
time to say hello to debo from Poznan Poland so what can you do if you’ve got
bad cueing and what do we mean by bad cueing well normally it’s one of three
things to be truthful you can’t find the center of the cue ball you’re not able
to deliver the cue in a straight line or you can’t produce as much spin on the
cue ball as you’d like to but don’t worry I have solutions for all of these
problems and exercises you can practice to help you get it right in the future
starting with how to find the center of the cue ball because if I take the grid
reference away it’s a not 100% obvious where it is even if you’re just the
width of a tip out from the center this can cause you to play a shot without
wanted side spin you see if you’re playing the cue ball with any size spin
then it will no longer run straight and this can make it almost impossible
for you to play consistently but what can you do about this
playing the cue ball in a straight line is far easier than playing it to curve
especially when the amount of power you play it with has a dramatic effect on
the path of the cue ball and I think this is by far the best way to check
that your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you and you’re able to recognize the
center of the cue ball just all the way down spots and just
simply place a blobby choke in line with a looser place why no the brown spot for
the chalk from here it’s very simple if you find the cue ball jumps off the
cushion to the right then you’re playing the shot with right hand side or if it
jumps off to your left and you’re playing it with left hand side you can
keep simply doing this until you find the center of the cue ball and get
accustomed to playing the shot through the center every single time air karana
is in New Delhi India delivering the cue straight with a good
cue action is a massive subject and I hope by now everybody’s heard about the
bulk line test where you can just see how straight your cueing visually over a
straight line but there’s a lot more to it than this for example just because
you’re queuing up to the line straight does this necessarily mean you’ll go
into approaches shot in a straight line so just to be safe let’s run you through
the short preparation that’s so important I permanently stuck it to the
wall starting with choose your target just having an idea of where you’re
gonna strike the object-ball walk in on line imagine a line going from the
target straight back through the cue ball and walk in from this direction
accurate for placement imagine the line goes back across the floor and find a
consistent place to stand over it check your aim when you’re down on the shot
make sure everything looks exactly the same as it did when you were back from
the table pre shot ritual complete a simple routine that you use on every
single shot this can really help with your consistency and cue power but we’ll
discuss it or in a minute complete the shot make
sure you’ve stayed down on it and your cue arm is finished in its regular
position verify your result try and work out exactly where the white ghost this
can be very difficult but can really help you predict future shots and if you
put them all together it can really help you deliver the cue straight we touch
there on how to aim in snooker if you want to know more about this then trial
video snooker aiming technique versus a ball
pool is on the break from live channel page along with a load of other videos
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player by subscribing to the channel so what ideally does your cue action
need to be doing to deliver the cue straight well as you can see here at the
moment the cue touches the cue ball my cue arm is at a 90 degree angle to my
cue and this means when I deliver the cue I have the most even and balanced
amount of space for a backswing and a follow-through and this can help me keep
the cue level and make it easier to be slightly more accurate ideally you want
your cue arm to be more or less in a straight line with your cue and not an
angle like here or here this will almost always cause the curve action through
the cue ball which usually results in unwanted side spin there is in fact very
difficult to get rid of something else I’ve noticed a lot of players can
struggle with is holding the cue too tight so where the cue seems to seesaw
in this sort of emotion and to avoid the cue doing this you can end up with
unwanted movement in your arm and body the solution is to of course use your
wrist and all of your fingers but should you worry if you’re doing any of these
things wrong well not necessarily a lot of good and even professional players
have techniques are far from Orthodox but work for them so rather than
changing anything what you really need to do is find out how well your
technique works so you can adapt it from left and looking back I seem to have had
a lot of comments from people like Hamzah Khan from Peshawar Pakistan where
the same sort of problem where they’re aiming and cueing fine but struggling to
put the two together the new tests are your cueing straight well you can start
by playing simple shots across the middle
the table like this the only way you can consistently run through an off like
this is if you’re queueing straight maybe you can do it once or twice queue
across the pool but you won’t be able to do it consistently and this should give
you a good idea what if anything needs changing and how well anything you find
you’ve had to change in the future actually works practicing this a fair
amount should also make sure that you’re aiming and cueing the ball in exactly
the same direction and once you can play it consistently across the table try and
make your alignment even more accurate by playing it a long way into the corner
we are being joined on this channel by Luke Bedford from Nottingham England the
final thing people usually talk about when discussing how well their cueing is
how much spin they’re creating on the cue ball this is usually backspin but
can relate to any form of spin you can increase the amount of spin on the cue
ball you get like this by improving your pre shot routine and the way you follow
through the cue ball greater amounts of spin are usually caused by a prolonged
contact time as a tip notice how I played the top shot harder and the
bottom shot softer so how did I create more spin well you should notice on the
lowest shot that my cue goes through the ball a lot further and this allows me to
increase the contact time between the tip and the cue ball and get a fairly
significant amount of extra backspin on the shot but remember I said your pre
shot routine can also affect the amount of spin you can generate the main thing
you want from a pre shot routine is something that’s easy to do consistently
and that allows you to feel settled on the shot then ready to strike the cue
ball a lot of players feel they’re adding pauses to this in the correct
places means they’re unable to snatch at the shot and the timing is generally
better so if you want to improve yours do this get a collection of balls
together and the white then line yourself up a nearly straight shot on
the black spot it’s just off straight then simply pop the red and screw back
to the cushion once you’ve done this all you need to do is set up the same shot
again this time try to play exactly the same
shot again with slightly less pace than the previous one after every successful
shot from then on you begin to play it softer and softest until you playing it
literally as soft as you can to reach the cushion this is a great exercise to
practice because ultimately you’ll have no choice but to deliver the cue better
with more spin on it because you’re unable to bring the cue ball back in any
other way which will ultimately reduce the amount of power you have to play any
screw shot within a game and this just like everything else will improve your
cue action massively going forwards and if you want to improve your cue action
even more then try out video cue action basic routine for snooker and if you
want to find out more about how to aim in snooker then try out videos snooker
how to aim basic and remember don’t just watch play and make the commitment
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you later