hey guys Christy welcome back to my channel today's workout we are going to be using the over BA 13 our core stabilizing muscles all the way around our spine a small stability ball gives us feedback particularly in between the knees firing up the inner thighs pelvic floor and transverse abdominus helping us to focus on our form and our technique so try this routine as a wake up or warm-ups before another activity or when you're traveling this is a direct inspiration from something I did just yesterday from my hotel room let's get moving so we're going to start seated go ahead and take your oval ball and bring it just in between your inner thighs above your knees we're going to reach your hands back behind us with our fingers facing forward really broad in the chest here pressing your arms down and lifting up and out of those supporting shoulders bring your feet I would say partway in towards your glutes from here we're gonna lift our hips sending our knees straight away from us and then lower the hips just down to touch the floor and lift them back up again squeezing the gluts and opening the collarbones down and lift up and down and as you squeeze those glutes really draw the ABS up and in lift keeping a moderate squeeze on your ball going down and a lift I know that feels really nice to start with a chest opener often we can start in flexion so this is just kind of a different way of starting and really warming up that back body which is really great if you know you're gonna have a day coming up or you might eat the office and you're sitting so just getting that back body warm here we go let's hold it up here we're gonna squeeze and on the ball little pulses for eight seven six five four three two one hold that squeeze lift both heels up lower them down up and down first six and five trying to keep those hips in the same place in space four three and two last one now we go right heel up and then left so alternating your heel lifts keeping the same squeeze on the ball careful to continue pressing those arms down and lifting up and out of those shoulders we go four three and two last one good let your heels come down from here you're gonna pull your hips back through your arms straighten the legs and then lift the hips and straighten and lift good straighten and lift keep that squeeze strengthen and a lift back without sitting down so really pull through and scoop so low belly pull through lift it up two more times one more time and then sit it down close in towards your feet lift your arms up overhead lifting the spine nice and tall bring your feet in line with your sit bones squeeze in on that ball and then with it exhale reach those arms long and forward as you round the spine back good just come down to your waist down here inhale pause exhale scoop deeper as you round it back bringing the shoulders over the hips lifting the spine lifting the arms up and then reach the arms long scoop and round the spine back really pulling back in the spine so continuing to keep that long long side and I said spine a thousand times I was looking for another another word here we go exhale around back forward inhale lift it up and reach forward and round it back someone's unhappy and reach it forward and roll it back keeping your squeeze on that ball really pull the belly in here exhale press the belly back as you round up and over lift the spine top and here we go round it back keep going come down on to your waistband but not your shoulder blades really hold this squeeze open the arms to a tee and reach it forward and reach four three two really heating things up one right arm up left arm out twisty four reach it forward keep those feet down on the mat even though they might want to lift off squeeze that ball alternating good we go one more to the left one more to the right hold it here now come down onto the bottom tips of your shoulder blades arms continue to reach forward squeeze in on this ball scoop the low belly and pick the knees up just over knee over your hips and here we go we're gonna tap the toes down exhale draw the knees up inhale tap down exhale reach up we go for four three keep the squeeze on the ball two last one and now you can go ahead and bring your feet back down on the mat and lie all the way down onto the mat just gonna scoop myself down a little bit go ahead and take a hold of your ball you're gonna lift your hips up and put the ball underneath your glutes okay make sure that the ball isn't underneath the small of your back you want the small of your back to be lifted and maintain that natural curve in the lumbar spine so from here let's start with your arms long by your sides bring both legs one after the other to tabletop this should feel like zero gravity so that's where you'll know you're in the right position reach your spine long in both directions and here we go inhale extend the legs to 45 exhale draw the knees back in inhale extend exhale pull and reach and pull reach and pull and reach and pull for two more reach really pulling the tissue of that belly up and in has you reach away hold your knees over your hips here if you would like to try this challenge you're going to put your arms overhead bent in like a goalie position and glue your elbows to the floor so pressing the backs of the shoulders and the elbows against the floor this is harder for our balance now from here we extend the legs forward at a 45 and turn them out we're going to open circle draw back together the circle that you're drawing is about the size of a basketball so it's not too large and open circle and draw back together or two and one we reversed four six five four pull that low belly up and in three to reach the spine long one lift the legs up let's keep them in an external rotation heels together flex your feet lower your legs down and away point the toes to lift careful here that your pelvis is not rocking underneath you so that ball can sometimes give us a good amount of feedback and we can really feel what's happening in the pelvis so as you lift your legs send your tail down against the ball and that will help you stabilize that pelvis and find those two opposition with holes in the body ready let's go one more turn your legs back parallel we're gonna scissor the legs one up one down and from here I want you to helicopter the legs so draw a circle in the opposing direction good hold them here let's scissor up down one more cesare up down and now helicopter scissor scissor and helicopter scissor scissor and helicopter scissor scissor and helicopter and scissor scissor helicopter I'm smiling so I'm like starting to slip scissor helicopter two more you guys scissor scissor helicopter one more scissor scissor helicopter bring your knees into tabletop from your feet down and now you can go ahead and take that ball out from underneath your hips good job alright from here keep the ball in your right hand bring your legs back to a tabletop position take an inhale with an exhale curl head neck and shoulders forward arms reach out to a tee another inhale and your legs reach out to a 45 from here you're going to reach your right hand to your left foot and come back to the start position you're gonna cross and reach and reach and reach so targeting those obliques four two one pull your legs to tabletop with the volunteer left hand arm strategic an inhale here reach your legs out to 45 here we go left hand reaches up to right foot back to start reach start we go 5 4 3 and steel really get that chest up there and one vendor legs to tabletop and go ahead and lie your head all the way down from here let's bring our legs nice and long I can't tell if I have space here or a cat underneath me and then reach your arms back over your head so just stretch out your whole front body take a nice big inhale with an exhale let's just roll it all the way up there we go and then once you come up here go ahead and scooch back to the middle of your mat so that your feet are still on your mat and we're gonna put the ball in between our calves okay so pull your toes back press your heels forward reach your arms just forward of the chest palms face in inhale up spine stretch forward exhale reach up and over those knees with the torso as you pull the low back back behind you and inhale hurry stack the spine and exhale really hollow out that low belly pressing it back as your upper body dives up and over the legs and inhale hurry stack that's fine and again good I want you to hold it out here why don't you just stick your tailbone back behind you reach your arms up long by your ears and hinge forward here so reach the chest forward towards your toes we're going to pulse the arms back behind the head for eight seven six five four three two one dive it all the way forward hold onto the backs of your feet here and just pull yourself forward and then lift the head and chest so this just feels really nice a little stretch here good you can let go of that just lift your spine up nice and tall we're gonna keep your feet in this theme and place on the map here you're gonna hold on to your ball with your left hand or just going to bring our arms out to a tee I'm gonna twist the spine facing right face forward twist left face forward twist right face forward trying to keep those hips square in space so make sure you don't have one leg pulling short and the other one long alright for this one you're gonna twist back to the right plant your right hand behind you swivel your feet small Bend of the knees and you're going to lift up into a beautiful side plank here we're going to lower the hips down and lift and lower and lift and lower and lift for two more lowering and lifting don't bend that arm so that C Street good from here make sure that you're firmly planted on that right foot you're gonna bend your left knee up and in extend the arm and the leg straight forward bend this leg bring the foot back behind you and arch your spine pressing the hips up towards the ceiling and looking back behind you bring yourself back in line of that side plank reach arm and leg straight out forward back behind you and arch and last one kick and reach forward and our backs this feels beautiful for the spine and then go ahead and come back in that side playing both feet down go ahead and lower down onto your hips so Whittle back to face forward I'm bringing that ball into your right hand here we go we twist back to face to the left plant your left hands down swivel the feet bend your legs lift up into your side plank we lower the hips and left lower and lift lower and lift four two and one here we go kick arm and leg forward bend plant that foot behind you and press the hips up as you arch the spine up and back and come back in line kick forward and arch good and kick forward without letting that bottom hip drop and arch come back in to your side plank lower your hips down and we're gonna quickly turn it all the way around coming down onto your stomach on the mat with your ball out in front of you so bring your ball forward of you so that you can plant both your hands on top of each other on the ball with your arms straight and then lie it down with your forehead on the mat take an inhale here with an exhale draw your shoulders and back down towards your waistbands inhale lift the shoulders up towards your ears as you try and push the ball away from you exhale try and draw the ball back towards you with straight arms drawing the shoulders down and inhale let the shoulders come up as the arms reach long and away again exhale drawing those shoulders down to your waist down now from here I want you to press down underneath your armpits on that ball and now from your than inhale lift the head in the chest come up into that extension rising up as you press from underneath those armpits in the whole length of those arms against that ball squeeze the glutes lift the ABS with you and then slowly roll it down we're reaching the ball away and bring the forehead down and exhale good scene head and chest abs come up with you really press those thighs down into the mat and roll it down and away and come all the way down let's do that two more times so extension is so so important to strengthen the whole back upper body really helps us to have better posture not just seated but also standing so in when we are sitting we often have a forward posture which lengthens those back muscles and then weakens them so extension is going to strengthen them because they were contracting them so we're bringing them in the opposite direction that they often live in which isn't that healthy for them all right you guys from here once you lift up into your extension just maybe half way and you're gonna press your left arm down as you lift the right arm up back behind you and turn to look at it and then bring it forward left arm up back behind you turn back and forward right arm up and back and forward left arm up and back and forward one more time on the right side keeping the lift of the chest and the left side that's it and then roll it all the way down good thank you guys for moving with me I hope you enjoyed it give me a thumbs up that really helps the channel subscribe if you want to get a notification when I add new videos which is once a week and if you want even more and join our adventure go to my website register for free you will have access to a full library videos full length not just preview coming oh so soon thank you and you guys keep moving stay strong and enjoy the adventure see you next time