I don't believe what I am saying why is he so obsessed with squishes ended face chiana's lassen giant will squish a jido why is he doing guys I'm gonna go pick you up from school now and I'm gonna take the camera with me too I know what you're gonna say oh my friend telling you what about my last question shall we go home yeah guys I just cannot believe it again look he tried while he did it again with my ward too many squishy and it was my last one I was bigger than my head and also I know I said that the straw is my favorite I mean it's definitely my favorite looking but this one's the best feeling one and look look at this on a tape on it you might not see it actually you can't it's just look you know what I'm just gonna show you guys like I need to try find a house where I can just I know it's already rich but I just have to I have to look oh my is pure why inside – what this and also all of my friends have been telling me I'm engraving to comment on the video and obviously I've seen the video popping up on YouTube stupid in the best hiding spot so I need to find another one and that hides what was my midwife but still you know I'm me wait stop banging he's in the gym I needed to get him back whilst I can I'm getting him back I'm guessing but wait oh well like how about I was getting him back he cut my Waterman squishy come on what drug are we using this time and it went in his mouth trust me mom trust me what to go using I can't fail you miss Joe put some water in a month come on let's do this what do you think that reactions gonna be like till you know don't like the slime any half yeah T we need to be quick you know because dad's gonna be at the gym like I'd say 20 minutes that's enough yeah yeah 20 minutes very good stir you know see how many more slime pranks do you think we can do it's gotta come to an end you know what you should do Tay is Father's Day coming up soon get all right I think what we should do now to you while that is certain we need to go and do some spying yeah okay let's do it them I guess Oh wait wait wait wait folks they're back miss Corman I can hear him wait in the bathroom quick quick lick the spoon quick go to be careful indeed no I'm not filming you I've got problems with this camera me and say have tried to do a slime video and the cameras like blur around keept up in the screen like you've shown me before and it's just gluing now while I'm filming you yes is this camera at the faulty one off the desk in the office yeah he'll go really blurry then he'll focus and then he'll blow straight away somewhat confused [Applause] again Oh squish Nate you're not into the jacuzzi and each other you finished you finished boomer and finish I'm gonna get you back so hard T take high five baby on a green squishy mean the absolute short again say you've got no more big squishes left so there's nothing I can do for this [Laughter]