Hey Guys, I’ve been relying heavily on buns lately And have been preferring the neater, more put together look but tight buns can wreak havoc on your hair over time So I’m gonna show you how I get that neat slicked bun look With less stress and damage caused to the hair Oh, and I have a super helpful DIY to share with you guys It’s how I alter my bun donuts to be more gentle on my natural hair Starting with the easy DIY project first All you will need is a new or old satin scarf, a hair donut, a needle and thread, and scissors Fold the scarf in half and cut it down the middle We are just gonna use one of those halves for our donut Fold the scarf in half one more time so the edges meet And using the needle and thread, sew the two edges together Now, I don’t enjoy sewing but because the fabric is so porous, it is just a neater process to sew instead of gluing Also sewing the material is gonna make it last longer since there will be a lot of pulling happening to that donut Just take your time and sew to the end, and then tie it into a knot to secure Clipping off the excess Now we have a nice seal here, I’m gonna grab my donut Pull my scarf through the middle and then fold the material over the donut to cover it Yank on the middle of it to make sure it is a tight fit And for security measures we are gonna sew the fabric to the donut So that it won’t move or shift during wear I’m just sewing it in two spots across from each other It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it keeps the fabric held on One more yank to make sure it is secure And we’re gonna fold the rest of the fabric over again to cover the remainder of the donut Now I’m just stretching that donut out to make sure the fabric is not too tight and the donut can still expand Then I’m grabbing any excess fabric sitting on top and trimming that off Now just secure that loose fabric to the bun by sewing it down in place all around the bun Again just take your time with this You want to make sure that as you are sewing the satin together, the needle is going through at least a little of the donut’s mesh So that it stays nice and secure and it will make sure the fabric does’t move Give it a stretch every now-and-then so that you know i is not too tight When done, knot the end and clip off the excess That’s it! Your new gentle satin bun donut is complete No more snagging or dried out broken hair Let’s put it to the test on my super bad hair day here This hair is mad dry so I’m gonna re-moisturize it with some aloe vera juice And I’m using some argan oil to soften and repair I’m gonna seal all that in with my homemade shea butter cream To lock in all that goodness Now that we’re all moisturized I’m gonna pull my hair up into a ponytail And wrapping my hair into a loose bun while I prep the style I’m actually gonna use some eco styler What?! I know I tried it for the first time about a month ago and I love it But I do want to note that I applied a base of oil and shea butter cream first To protect my hair underneath this gel Applying the gel generously all around the perimeter of my head And working it in, I’m using a boar bristle brush to brush to gently brush my hair back And bobby pinning it in place to keep it smooth {Music} Now that it is smooth we can get a better hold on all the hair Remove the ponytail holder and re-gather the hair up into a ponytail again tugging at the ends a little bit We are gonna wrap the hair into a quick bun again And we are gonna let this dry nice and smooth with the help of a satin scarf to keep it flat You don’t need to tight this insanely tight to get smooth results Just the normal amount of tightness to keep it on while it dries If you are commuting to work this is a great option As it will dry your hair while you commute So when it is dry, take off your scarf. Your hair is gonna be super sleek and flat Like you got stuck in a wind tunnel and the wind just blew you away Since the hair is dry now and frozen in place from the gel We really don’t need our hair to be pulled back as tight anymore We are gonna loosen this up to make it less strenuous on our hair Gathering that ponytail again we’re gonna hold it in place And loosen the grip a bit by wiggling it gently This is gonna make our bun looser and so much more comfortable and less stressful on our roots It gives us a nice comfortable ponytail with all the looks of a tight sleek bun but none of the discomfort From here we are gonna make a normal sock bun Grabbing our new improved satin covered donut Pull the ponytail through the donut hole Placing the hair around the donut to cover it completely Using a bun donut is a great way to get a sleek look and create the appearance of a bigger more voluminous bun So for anyone with thin hair, transitioning, or has thin damaged ends, or just for old shrunken hair that needs to be washed This is a great quick fix Smooth the hair over the donut and holding the hair in place Pull your ponytail holder over the hair and donut keeping the hair as smooth as possible If you have shorter hair, you may be done now But longer haired ladies, you are gonna have some hair sticking out the sides So we are gonna use this opportunity to make our bun more voluminous Sticking a finger into the bun, gently pull the hair upwards It is great that we have satin underneath to protect the hair from friction Pulling the hair upwards creates more volume gets rid of the hair sticking out the sides Just do this all over the bun pulling out small sections of hair at at time It your hair is much longer than mine, you will still have ends left over, it may be best to just wrap the hair around the bun Since you have pulled the hair out as much as possible Now it is going to be easier to tuck those ends into the bun to conceal them Simply tuck them in So that the bun is not popping off your head, I like to bobby pin a few sections down And that’s it! Your perfect bun with minimal stress and all the looks of a tight sleek bun But no pulling or uncomfortable tugging of the roots This bun looks great, is super comfortable for all day wear, and is a great last minute style Or fix for a bad hair day Use it in conjunction with your new DIY satin donut for a cleaner appearance And safer install I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope the tips help to save your edges next time you want to make a nice sleek bun See you in the next one! {Music}