the location of Skyterra wellness
is absolutely incredible when you drive through our gates there’s
this immediate just breath that you’re able to take it’s you know it’s a
setting that’s unlike any other and i’m so excited that we’ve been able to be in
a place that allows people to cut themselves off to unplug and to really
focus on themselves because many people who struggle with weight loss
specifically are incredibly selfless and they put others before themselves and
when you drive through the gates of Skyterra you’re finally able to put yourself
first and so for me I love that because it’s so person centered it’s so
individual there is no right way there is no wrong way it’s your way we’re here to support you and carry you
through this and then teach you how to do that for yourself so
when you leave here you feel confident that you can do it on
their own the Skyterra way is not about losing weight it’s about reclaiming your life so the current weight loss industry
teaches individuals to move more and eat less and here at Skyterrar we’re
teaching individuals to move efficiently move functionally and then eat more real
food so almost move less eat more but lose
weight we build this relationship with fitness
we build a relationship with food a positive one and we we turn it into just a positive
thing in general this place has the ability to truly
transform people’s lives and in such a genuine way and not in this quick fix
way we get that it is a journey that it’s not easy we are going to set you up with that
long-term focus on a sustainable approach within your goals and then
we’re going to couple that up with this incredible program called skyterra
interactive interactive is established to create community so to create a community around
empowering individuals to continue to live the Skyterra way community for them to connect with us the professionals in the community and for them to connect with each other What I would want people to understand
about Skyterra is that it’s different it’s unique that you get results and that we’re teaching you that you know we want you to spend the rest of your life thriving we
don’t want you to spend the rest of your life focused upon counting calories and
how much exercise that you need to be doing to maintain your weight we want
you active we want you happy we want you empowered and we want you confident and we want you you know empowered to live your life to
the fullest