Every adversity, every heartache and every failure carries with it, seeds of equal or greater benefit Transformation story of Subimal Chowdhury In 2002 Subimal was thin and weak guy. 5 ft 10 inches with 52 kg body weight People use to call him antenna (Bengali meaning Tower) He suffered from low immunity and low self confidence So he decided to gain weight However he had no idea of Nutrition and training People told him to eat carbohydrates and drink rice water He followed it blindly By the time he got married in 2012 he was already 96 kg but now a fat man He was fed up of himself and his poor diet. Then something beautiful happened. He stumbled upon FITTR, India’s largest fitness community. He enrolled under a fitness coach He saw great results in 12 weeks of transformation However his appetite was not supressed He then completed INFS foundation certification on fitness In 2018 he decided to transform others He started his own Fitness Center named Transformation Gym He started coaching people on how to train hard He started coaching people on how to eat smartly He has brought many transformations Fat2Fit joined hand with Transformation Gym Fat2Fit arranged a seminar on weight management at transformation GYm Transformation gym is helping Fat2fit create workout videos If you have a similar story share with us at [email protected] If you love this transformation story, do not forget to share